The Happiness Machine Will Provide Pick-Me-Up

Have you ever found yourself having a bad day and in need of an emotional pick-me-up now and then? If you have, than this machine might be just what you need. This little machine prints out a live and happy thought from the Internet whenever you want.

According to GadgetBox, Brendan Dawes created The Happiness Machine earlier this year. The machine will keep an eye on the Internet, using a monitoring service called We Feel Fine, and it will watch for anyone using the word “happy” in a public post or tweet.

All you need to do is hit a button, and it prints a happy thought right out for you.

Right now, happiness is what the machine is looking for, but Dawes says on his website that it is “completely agnostic to the data it prints.” In fact, Dawes made a second version of the machine for the recent London Design festival which had two settings, happy or sad. It could also be configured to print out the internet’s latest thoughts on politics, the weather, or sports. Dawes even tweaked it a little to tell him whether his train is on time.

The Happiness Machine will cause users to realize that the internet is populated by real people. As Dawes told design blog Protein:

“Placing a small piece of paper in your hands with the feelings of someone you’ve never met, reminds us that this isn’t a network of machines but more importantly a network of human beings.”

You can follow Dawes’s work at his blog.