Paulie Calafiore And Zakiyah Everette Split Rumors Debunked As ‘Big Brother 18’ ‘Zaulie’ Fans Rally To Support The Pair [Updated]

Stacy Carey - Author

Dec. 21 2017, Updated 2:59 p.m. ET

Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette of Big Brother 18 managed to transition their showmance into a romance outside of the house and their “Zaulie” fan base is a dedicated and passionate group. BB18 fans have been quite vocal about their love for Paulie and Zakiyah as a couple as well as for each of them individually, but that doesn’t mean that the duo don’t have to face a lot of rumors, speculation, and criticism as well. In fact, this week’s presidential election sparked rumors of a Zaulie breakup and led to a lot of heated tweets and drama on Twitter. While “haters” or “trolls” are being blamed for stirring up the buzz, it looks like the BB18 stars are more than happy to work on putting any potential concerns to rest. What’s the scoop?

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The presidential election has caused tensions and friction among many friends and family members in the wake of Donald Trump pulling out what many thought was a shocking win over Hillary Clinton. It looks like these BB18 stars aren’t immune to falling prey to potential issues, as Zakiyah Everette and Paulie Calafiore’s supporters have been doing a lot of speculating and bantering about possible issues between the Big Brother 18 stars over the election. For a couple of days, social media banter swirled about what a few thought were signs of trouble for Zaulie. However, both Paulie and Zakiyah have worked on putting the rumors to rest by both posting photos of them together to their Instagram accounts.

A few Zaulie critics or doubters started a bit of a firestorm after buzzing on Twitter about the possibility that the election caused a split, at least temporarily, between Paulie and Everette. Some people have pointed out that he hasn’t shared anything directly about his vote. However, a few Big Brother 18 enthusiasts dug into his social media posts, and even posts of his family members, to look at who he follows and what posts he has “liked” to make a case that he voted for Trump. However, the majority of “Calafiore Nation” fans feel that this is an inaccurate and unfair conclusion. Apparent trolls made sure to muddy the waters of this situation with inflammatory posts and plenty of drama has ensued as a result.

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Zakiyah shared some thoughts via Snapchat after the election was called for Trump and it was clear that Everette was quite upset by the outcome. She noted that she was disgusted by the country, that she is not afraid to speak out, and that this has already affected her personally. While Calafiore’s political beliefs may not be clearly expressed directly by the Big Brother 18 star, Zakiyah isn’t holding back about her stance on things.

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So, does that mean that things are over between Calafiore and Everette, or that they can’t make this relationship work because of possible differences in their political beliefs? Some claim that Zakiyah unfollowed Paulie on Instagram for a bit, but at this point, they do continue to follow one another. Other Big Brother 18 fans point to Everette’s donation a couple of days ago to Calafiore’s campaign to raise money for the Cybersmile Foundation as a sign that things are just fine between the two.

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What’s truly the current status of Paulie and Zakiyah’s relationship? Did they break up or are they still going strong? Until the newest posts were put up on Instagram Thursday evening, there was some definite discord online between the dedicated Zaulie Nation folks and the couple’s detractors. However, these new Instagram posts should certainly settle things down, although the trolls out to cause drama with the Zaulie fans will surely find a new way to cause trouble again soon.

Some Big Brother 18 fans have believed that she will travel to New Jersey in the coming days to see him for his birthday, so many Zaulie supporters will be anxious to see if a trip of that sort does happen. Even if Everette doesn’t head to Jersey to see Calafiore, it seems certain that most of those who have been buzzing about this topic will embrace the latest posts that demonstrate that the two are still going strong.

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The truth of the matter is that at this point, only Paulie and Zakiyah know whether or not they are dealing with some issues in their relationship, and they are making a pretty clear statement with their new posts. Social media only shows one small part of a romance, and something like a brief Instagram unfollow can mean something significant or nothing at all if it happened to be accidental, a glitch as often happens, or a sign of a brief fracture in the relationship. While the topic did generate a flurry of Zaulie activity on Twitter over the past couple of days, Paulie and Zakiyah’s latest Instagram posts will surely settle things down, at least for a bit.

Do you think that Paulie Calafiore and Zakikyah Everette will make it over the long term? Big Brother 18 Zaulie fans certainly are passionately rooting for BB18 pair and believe that these two are most definitely the real deal, and they will be anxious to see the two together again soon.

[Featured Image by Paulie Calafiore/Instagram]


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