'Outlander' Star Sam Heughan Steps Out With New Lady Love, And It Is Not His 'Wifey' Caitriona Balfe

Sam Heughan has a new romance! The Outlander star showed up at the BAFTA Awards with a special lady at his side, and no, it wasn't his onscreen love, Caitriona Balfe.

According to the Inquisitr, Heughan walked the red carpet in Scotland with Mackenzie Mauzy. Heughan sadly didn't take home an award for his role in Outlander, but he may have won over the young actress's heart.

Who is Heughan's newest love?

Mauzy rose to stardom when she appeared opposite Meryl Streep in Into the Woods. The actress, who played Rapunzel in the film, later admitted that starring alongside the Hollywood legend was a dream come true.

"You know you hear Meryl Streep plays your mom and you don't exactly think, 'Oh yeah, I got this.' I have obviously looked up to Meryl and respected her for a long time, so that was just sort of surreal — at least for me, it was a dream," she explained.

Actress Mackenzie Mauzy [Image by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Lifetime]
Actress Mackenzie Mauzy [Image by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Lifetime]

Following the Into the Woods role, Mauzy starred in a Lifetime original film about Charles Manson, titled Manson's Girls. Mauzy played the part of Manson's girlfriend, Linda Kasabian. The actress has appeared on a number of different TV shows, including The Bold and the Beautiful, Bones, and Law & Order.

Heughan has not commented on his romance with Mauzy, but they seem to be perfect for each other. Prior to Mauzy, Heughan was linked to Amy Shiels and Cody Kennedy, who share Mauzy's blonde look. For her part, Mauzy was once married to John Arthur Greene and later dated Billy Magnussen.

While little is known about Heughan's relationship with Mauzy, Hall of Fame Magazine reports that the Outlander star slammed online bullies for inappropriate comments about Mauzy. In a post to social media, Heughan asked fans to stop hating on Mauzy and end the bullying.

"Shameful behaviour by many on social media recently. It's disgusting and needs to stop. Spineless bullying. Stop. Now."

Mauzy faced a round of bullying shortly after her romance with Heughan became public knowledge. Many of the viewers commented on how Mauzy was only dating Heughan for fame and the bullying quickly got out of hand.

"No one should be subjected to his," Heughan added.

Although Heughan clearly enjoyed taking Mauzy to the award ceremony, he failed to take home a prize for his part on the hit drama. According to Parent Herald, Balfe won an award for Best TV Actress, and it didn't take long for Heughan to give her a shout out on Twitter.

"@caitrionambalfe!!!!@BAFTAScotland So delighted and absolutely deserved. YOU'RE THE BEST 'wifey'! #winWIN," he wrote.

'Outlander' Star Caitriona Balfe Caught Drooling Over Sam Heughan's Buff Body [Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]
Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have scoffed at off-screen romance rumors. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Sam Heughan's reference to Balfe as his "wifey" alludes to Jamie and Claire's relationship on Outlander. The series follows the British nurse as she travels back in time and falls in love with the 18th-century Scottish laird.

According to the International Business Times, a video of Balfe's acceptance speech leaked online in which the actress thanked the cast and crew for their part in helping her win the award. Along with thanking everyone involved in the making of Outlander, Balfe admitted that Heughan was "the most amazing co-star." Check out the clip below.

Outlander recently wrapped up its second season on Starz, and many fans were left hoping that Heughan and Balfe would finally hook up in real life. Sadly, those hopes were shattered when Heughan stepped out with Mauzy, which also explains the backlash she received on social media.

Filming for Season 3 of Outlander is currently underway. The International Business Times reports that the new season will see Jamie and Claire separated for the first time. Thankfully, Claire will have her second husband, Frank (Tobias Menzies), on hand to comfort her in Jamie's absence.

"It's very strange, but the nice thing is I have been able to work with Tobias," Balfe explained. "I feel quite lucky. If I don't have one husband, I've always got the backup. Not that either of them are backups, but it's been an interesting and strange dynamic."

Those familiar with the books know that Frank's time in Voyager is short. While Claire's other marriage doesn't take up a lot of time in the books, author Diana Gabaldon revealed that producers decided to take a slightly different approach for the show.

"They've expanded that end of the story a little bit, but they've done it well, very consistently," Gabaldon shared.

In addition to Menzies' interactions as Frank, the actor will also reprise his role as Black Jack Randall next season. Unlike Frank's storyline on the show, fans can expect things to remain consistent with the book when it comes to Black Jack's meeting with Jamie on the battlefield.

'Outlander' Season 3: When Will Droughtlander End? Everything We Know So Far [Featured Image by Aimee Spinks/Starz]
Tobias Menzies and Sam Heughan in an image from Season 3 of 'Outlander.' [Image by Aimee Spinks/Starz]

"Most of Jamie's stuff, which is a lot of the first part, is done very straight from the book," Gabaldon stated. "It's very recognizable, you might say."

The book begins with Jamie unable to recall the events that unfolded during the Battle of Culloden. In contrast, Season 3 will start with Jamie's epic showdown with Black Jack during the historic battle.

Season 3 of Outlander is expected to premiere in early 2017.

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