‘The Walking Dead’: Two Ladies Confirmed For Negan’s Saviors — When Will Alexandria And Hilltop Characters Return In Season 7? [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead Season 7 debuts a rebuilding of communities in the aftermath of Negan’s wrath, and the Robert Kirkman creation took a left turn into opening up his lens to a wider array of characters by introducing additional communities to an expanded world. Jesus expressed this to Rick Grimes in Alexandria, and he was right. Rick found this out the hard way.

The following contains some spoiler-filled content for the show and the comics.

Negan Likes Ladies With Some Hustle

Two key female characters were recently announced for Negan’s group. Lindsley Register and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s Elizabeth Ludlow are the actresses confirmed for the AMC show, according to ComicBook.com. There is no telling when they will show up, but their roles were mentioned to be comparable to that of Simon and Dwight, so you can probably be assured they have as much “hustle” that the leader of the Saviors tend to favor.

Ludlow was confirmed by ComicBook.com to portray Arat, a non-existent character in the comics. Laura will be played by Register, and that character is introduced much later, in issue No. 148. She was Dwight’s support system as he was struggling to garner a foothold of leadership. It is questionable if she’ll even be in Season 7, and since Jeffrey Dean Morgan was confirmed for Season eight, Ludlow’s character could pop up there.

Laura even kissed Dwight for assurance that he’ll just do fine as the leader of the Saviors (in the comics). At this point, he’s running in alignment with Rick Grimes when “rebuilding the world.” So who knows if there will be a romance going on between Dwight and Laura that runs in alignment with the comics.

Register was seen briefly playing some kind of game with Dwight for shots in “The Cell” episode of The Walking Dead. It looked like an air hockey table. Too bad they didn’t tease a ping pong game instead, as it would have been a nod to Negan’s origin story.

The actress, who is friends with Ludlow, confirmed her role.

“I can definitively say that my dear friend Liz is not playing Laura, as that is me. We’ve got a crazy season lined up for you guys.”

Where Is The Rest Of Alexandria And Hilltop?

The following details contain some spoilers from sources with Comicbook.com regarding the missing portions of the Alexandria and Hilltop communities. Fans may be wondering the whereabouts of Jesus, the leader of the Hilltop community, and other key characters seen back in Season 6.

The Walking Dead will continue focusing on character groups on a weekly basis. So far, in Week 1, some of the Alexandria group gathered together in an RV to get pregnant Maggie to the Hilltop Colony. Obviously, that didn’t end so well, as Negan killed Glenn and Abraham. The second week, Carol and Morgan was introduced to the Kingdom with King Ezekiel, played by Khary Payton.

Week 3 picked up where Daryl was imprisoned over at Negan’s complex, with some keen insight into the plight of Dwight and his wife living under the thumb of Negan.

Week 4 of The Walking Dead’s seventh season continues with Episode 7, “Service,” where Negan will be making his first visit to Alexandria in what appears to be a shake down of half their goods.

Will Spencer Monroe Be Gutless, Literally?

For starters is Deanna’s only surviving son, Spencer Monroe. He is seen in a good amount of footage covering this Sunday’s episode. He’s one to take the path of least resistance and wasn’t entirely on par with Rick’s plan to take on Negan’s people. The AMC website shows this in the character bio. There is speculation that since he had his guts slit open in the comics, this may or may not happen on The Walking Dead TV version.

Breaking The Bad News To Hilltop Colony?

Episode 5 is where Jesus reappears in Season 7. The Hilltop will make a comeback, and Gregory was last seen nursing a wound as a result of his manipulation of the people of his community. Jesus helped Rick Grimes’ people raid Negan’s outpost, and now he’ll reunite with Maggie and Sasha along with his Hilltop Colony leader Gregory.

Do you think that’s when they’ll break the bad news of their encounter with Negan?

Rumors Of The Whisperers

Don’t forget Heath and Tara. In case you did forget, they went on a lengthy supply run for Alexandria later in Season 6 — a run that had gone on for around a couple of weeks. There are only rumors at this point about Episode 6 of The Walking Dead, but actors Corey Hawkins and Alanna Masterson were said to have been seen being filmed near water on Georgia’s Jekyll Island. They are reportedly introducing a new group in this episode.

Many have suspected there was a casting call for characters who closely resembled Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers in the graphic novels. There are also rumors regarding a death, as there was a report of a Masterson’s character washing up on shore with a body per multiple sources in contact with ComicBook.com.

AMC’s The Walking Dead airs every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST. Episode 4, “Service,” debuts on November 13.

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