Brooks Ayers Voted For Trump: People Question How He Will Pay For Cancer Treatments

Brooks Ayers has managed to keep his silence for the past couple of months as the newest season of The Real Housewives of Orange County has aired. Even though his name kept popping up in regard to the cancer scandal last year, it sounds like people have forgotten all about him. After his story started to unravel, he left Orange County and settled in Florida, even though he has family in Mississippi. Although Brooks claims he still has cancer, some people are wondering how he’s going to pay for his treatments now that Trump will become president.

According to a new tweet, Brooks Ayers didn’t hold back when it came to sharing his political views this week. As it turns out, Ayers is tired of politics and he wanted a change. And like so many Americans, he decided to vote for Trump. And during election night, he didn’t hold back when Trump was winning Florida, the state where Brooks Ayers supposedly lives these days.

“Draining the swamp baby! Win the Presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives! We got our country back! #truth #overhaulthegovernment,” Brooks Ayers revealed on Twitter in celebration of how the country was voting.

Not many people saw the election turning out the way it did thanks to exit polls and predictions, but Donald had many voters who simply didn’t share how they were voting. It sounds like many Hillary Clinton supporters reached out to him and called him a liar. Of course, they are referring to Brooks being a liar for lying about his medical records last year, and some people think that Trump is a liar. In other words, a liar may support a liar, and this is exactly how some people feel about Ayers’ comments on Twitter during election night.

“Liar loves another liar!! Oh be quiet,” one person wrote to Brooks in response to his cheers that Donald Trump had been elected president this week, to which Ayers replied back, “Ha! Republicans win! Won the Senate, House of Representatives, and protected the future of the Supreme Court. #YouAreWrong.”


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Ayers keeps saying that he was indeed diagnosed with cancer, but he hasn’t given an update for a while. Brooks kept saying that he was indeed very sick when he was on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but no one really knows where his health stands today. But one follower pointed out that Brooks may be out of luck if Obamacare is shut down.

“If they repeal Obamacare you’ll have to pay for all your cancer treatments yourself,” one person wrote to Brooks Ayers, tagging Vicki Gunvalson, Heather Dubrow, and Tamra Judge in the tweet.

However, Ayers was ready with a comment, adding, “Already did!”

Maybe Ayers isn’t too concerned about his medical insurance, because he doesn’t need it. If he did indeed fake cancer, he isn’t going to the hospital for treatment. But he claims that he has been paying for his own treatments since he was diagnosed. And he’s excited about how the country may change with a new leader. While some people are scared of Trump, Brooks Ayers is excited to see how the country can change.

“Drain the swamp – really yeah Trump is going to make any HRC corruption look like child’s play. Wake up to what u voted for,” one person wrote to Brooks, who replied with, “I was tired of ‘tired of politics as usual’.. It’s time for change!”

What do you think of Brooks Ayers voting for Trump? Do you think he is paying for his own medical treatment or are you convinced that he lied about having cancer?

[Featured Image by Jeff Gentner/Getty Images]