‘Star Wars 8’ News: J.J. Abrams Provides Clues About Kylo Ren And Rey’s Connection

The latest Star Wars 8 news provides hints courtesy of J.J. Abrams himself that might offer fans some clues that potentially throw some light on the mysterious connection between Kylo Ren and Rey, the International Business Times reports.

Warning: This article contains spoilers so read at your own risk.

There has been a lot of speculation about Rey’s past and what fate awaits her in Star Wars 8, with news reports providing clues about her origin, particularly the identity of her parents.


As previously reported by Vulture, Daisy said that Star Wars 8 will reveal the identity of Rey’s parents. When asked if Rey is related to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ridley provided a non-committal answer, saying, “We will see in a year. Just sit tight on that question.”


While her answer’s too vague for us to arrive at a definitive conclusion as to Rey’s genealogy, the details J.J. Abrams provided during his interview with Cinema Blend might provide some clues. According to Abrams, Star Wars 8 will focus on the connection between Kylo Ren and Rey. He said that while Kylo never met Rey before the events that transpired in Star Wars: Episode 7, he has heard about her before.

“One of the new relationships that we were focusing on is between Kylo Ren and Rey. They’ve never met but he’s heard of this girl. And so, now comes a moment when their meeting is inevitable. […] he said.

“And now we’re back to our heroine. And this moment where she is about to, for the first time, be confronted by Kylo Ren, a character who she’s going to have a very interesting relationship with moving forward,” Abrams continued.

Based on what we know so far from the previous Star Wars films, it’s fair to speculate that young Ben Solo heard about Rey while he was being mentored by Luke Skywalker. Maybe he learned about her through a prophecy? Or maybe Rey is her sister, and he learned about her through their parents?

The popular theory going around among Star Wars fans is that Luke Skywalker is Rey’s father, which is not farfetched considering the saga’s over-reliance on family-related tropes. Of course, we can’t say for sure that will be the case. It’s always possible that the sequel might throw us a curve ball.

But whether she is a Skywalker or not, a news report hinted that Rey might lose a hand in Star Wars 8, which was the same fate suffered by Luke and Anakin. As Movie Pilot pointed out, the Star Wars saga is riddled with parallels and symbolism, so it should not come as a surprise if Rey suffers the same fate in Star Wars 8.

Another interesting theory suggests that Rogue One’s Jyn Erso is Rey’s mother. Ridley, however, dismissed this theory, saying that Erso existed too early in the Star Wars timeline for it to become a possibility.

“I mean, I think historically it wouldn’t work, because she is… Darth Vader is there… so she would ultimately be my great-grandma; no, she would be my grandma,” she said. “I mean it could happen, especially in a galaxy far, far away.

“I am just excited to see how it is, because I have heard it is so so different, and its own thing,” Ridley said. “I have no idea what happens – I know the ending, but I have no idea really what happens in it.”

Daisy Rey’s interview in the My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast is also quite telling. When asked whether Rey will be injured in Star Wars 8, this was her reply.

“Injured emotionally or physically? I’ll say… yes”

YouTuber Mike Zeroh also bolstered the rumor that Rey might lose her hand in Star Wars 8 when an insider revealed that he saw Daisy Ridley on set with her left arm “covered by a green screen sleeve.”

Do you have your own theories in regard to the identity of Rey’s parents? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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