Donald Trump Protesters Need To Do Their Homework Instead Of Wreaking Havoc [Opinion]

Donald Trump protesters are swarming the streets of America’s cities in response to the controversial Republican candidate winning the presidency, and boy are they mad.

They have reasons for why they’re so furious, saying Trump is “racist, sexist, homophobic” etc. and we all know they believe these things, but the fact that they believe these things is a problem of monumental proportions, because they’re dead wrong, and they haven’t the first clue as to why they’re wrong.

Donald Trump protesters are a product of the mainstream media. All the lies and smears the press repeatedly promoted about our soon-to-be president during the 2016 campaign season are why Trump haters are currently spreading hate, inciting intolerance, and raising hell.

This is not okay, and violently rioting is going to do nothing, save for cause property damage, send people to jail and injure or even kill others.

They proclaim over and over again that “Love trumps hate,” yet preach hate at every opportunity.

One female Trump hater, who was interviewed by CNN on Wednesday night, told the reporter, “people have to die. There are going to be casualties,” according to Mediaite.

The reason this woman is so bloodthirsty is because she’s been duped by misinformation. All the havoc the Donald Trump protesters are wreaking can be attributed to one thing: misinformation. She is scared, and it’s totally fine to feel that way in the face of uncertainty, but advocating that death is a necessity for two groups of people to coexist in a shared society, no matter how vast their differences are, is deranged.

“Blame Trump,” these protesters would likely say in response to the point I just made. “He’s responsible for all this hate.”

This is really what they believe, but it’s not true.

The Donald Trump protesters think they hate the businessman-turned-politician, but what they really hate is who they believe he is. Their beliefs about him come almost entirely from the media, a media that has twisted Trump’s words at every turn, while at the same time given preferential treatment to his competition.

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When I say these rioters need to “do their homework,” I do not mean they should make a beeline to the must recent Huffington Post or Vox article, which is, I believe from my many interactions with them on social media, exactly what they do.

To find the truth, they should be researching data from WikiLeaks while studying policy outlines at If they’re not comfortable going to biased right-wing publications like Breitbart, InfoWars and the like, there are some mainstream sources that have well-written, factual articles if one is willing to dig deep enough.

Unfortunately, many of these Trump haters are Hillary Clinton supporters who are a part of the social justice movement. Social justice warriors, at least in my experience, are not too willing to truly open themselves up to viewpoints that don’t match their own, thus making civil, productive debate difficult to achieve.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, her supporters are now trying to get her into the White House by starting a petition meant for the electoral college, as reported by PJ Media. The idea is, although at this point not every vote has yet been counted, Clinton currently has won the vote of the majority, while Trump has won the electoral college, the latter of which is required to win the presidency. The petition urges the members of the college not to follow through with the votes which ended up giving Donald Trump an electorate victory.

Ironically, this isn’t the only petition recently drawn up concerning Hillary Clinton. There was also one made not too long ago that called for her criminal indictment, and what does that tell you about these Donald Trump protesters?

The fact that these people think Hillary cares more about them than Trump is truly mind-boggling.

Even though it would be easier to take a break from social media, distract myself from what’s taking place and bask in the victory of a person who I believe is exactly what America needs right now, I feel as if I have to at least try and help the Donald Trump protesters see what I see and know what I know. How to get through to them, however, remains a mystery. They see Trump supporters as awful people. Is it possible to convince them they’re wrong?

What would I, a person straight out of their nightmares, know? How could a person such as myself, who’s operating on the same evil agenda as the person whom they loathe the most in this world, have anything positive to offer them?

Donald Trump protesters
Anti-Trump demonstrators advocate violence while perched in front of the Statehouse of Massachusetts in Boston on Wednesday night. [Image by Charles Krupa/AP Images]

I and others like me would show them what they’re missing if only they’d give us the chance. If it would be possible to get to the point where one of these Trump haters opened themselves up to another viewpoint, would they understand how I see the world?

Trump supporters are not the ones rioting on the streets because things didn’t go their way. We’re not the ones promoting anarchy. We’re not the ones calling for violence. We’re not the ones saying one thing and doing another.

My message to the Donald Trump protesters is simple. If you want America to be an “us and them” society, keep doing what you’re doing. If you want to come together and thrive in the land of the free, it’s time to change tactics. Stop obsessing over race, sex, gender, and sexual orientation, because doing so is hideous and goes against everything you stand for. Donald Trump and his supporters are not, and do not want to be, your enemy, even though your actions tell us you desperately want us to be.

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