Trump 100 Day Plan: After Hillary Clinton 2016 Election Defeat, Donald Trump Will Gut Obamacare, Environment, Product Safety, Bank Regulations, And Human Rights

The Donald Trump 100 day plan was dismissed by Democrats as the wishful thinking of Republicans about a presidency that would never happen. As it turns out, it was the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton who were doing the wishful thinking. Now the nation has to brace itself for the shocking changes that are going to occur – or begin – in the first few months of a Donald Trump administration.


Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

While the Affordable Care Act signed into law by Barack Obama was far from perfect, Obamacare – as the Republicans chose to dub it – ensured that millions of Americans without a healthcare plan would be able to see a doctor. As reported by Cox Media, all of this is going to come to an end under President Trump.

While Republicans claim they are going to replace it with something else, this tenuous “something else” will likely be just a token program. Ironically, many of the people who voted for Donald Trump are the same ones who will be hurt the most by this particular aspect of the Trump 100 day plan.


Blanket Elimination of Regulations

Billionaire Donald Trump despises federal regulations. According to the York Dispatch, Trump was sued twice by the Justice Department for defying federal regulations about housing integration. He just didn’t want black people living in his rentals. In fact, the President Trump 100 day plan ultimately eliminates federal regulations entirely.

Sound like an exaggeration? Trump flatly stated he wants to remove two regulations for every one added by the federal government. Logically, that ultimately means no regulations at all on anything, from fair housing to air pollution.


Agencies like the FDA and the Bureau of Consumer Protection – whose job it is to ensure that the foods, drugs and other products manufacturers provide to the American public are relatively safe and do what they claim – will now have their hands tied and their funding and personnel slashed.

Removal of Environmental Protections

ABC News pointed out that the incoming president in his announcement of the Trump 100 day plan made clear his intention to essentially gut EPA regulations governing the extraction, transport, and use of fossil fuels, including oil, natural gas, and coal. This is fairly ironic, given that it was a Republican – Richard Nixon – who established the EPA.


This means that many of the reductions in atmospheric and water pollution we’ve seen over the last couple of decades will now be reversed. If a company wants to run a leaky oil pipeline through a national park, a protected reserve or Native American reservation, Donald Trump certainly isn’t going to stand in the way.

Elimination of Financial And Bank Regulation

One of the principal reasons for the 2008 economic collapse that nearly plunged the world into another Great Depression was the inadequate regulation of the banking and financial industries. These companies engaged in reckless and even illegal activities that put the entire world economy at risk, creating a recession that took years to recover from.

Donald Trump at Florida rally. Brace for Trump 100 day plan.
Donald Trump at Florida rally. Brace for Trump 100 day plan. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

For all the alleged cozying up to banks that Hillary Clinton did, it will be President Donald Trump who removes the safeguards put in place after 2008. In such an environment, while the extremely rich might get richer, smaller investors are likely to become even smaller.

Ban on Muslims Coming into the United States

Of course, the racism and xenophobia of the Trump campaign and his followers will be reflected in the Trump 100 day plan. A ban on Muslims entering the United States is almost inevitable. On the surface, it might seem like the constitutional protections regarding freedom of religion would prevent this.


But the Trump administration – aided by Tea Party lawyers in Congress – will get around this through the expedient banning of immigration from certain countries. By sheer coincidence, all of these countries will be predominantly Muslim.

Preparation for Mass Deportations

As utterly insane as it sounds to most of the world – and to most people in the United States – Donald Trump will almost certainly go forward with his plan to round up millions of Mexicans living in the United States so he can either lock them up or deport them. Who is there to stop him?


The physical process of carrying this out will be a logistical nightmare, and the preparations will begin during implementation of the Trump 100 day plan. When actually executed at some later point, many Mexican-Americans who are legally living in the United States will almost inevitably get caught up in the rush and end up being dumped across the border in Mexico.

Before these people can be shipped off to Mexico – assuming that they are – they will have to be gathered at collection points across the Southwest. It’s difficult to refer to these as anything but camps.

Jews being loaded on trains in Germany. Reminiscent of deportation in Trump 100 day plan?
Jews being loaded on trains in Germany. Reminiscent of deportation in Trump 100 day plan? [Image by Hulton Archive/Getty Images]

Obviously, the image of millions of people being herded onto buses and railroad cars and shipped off to internment camps – or across the United States border – evokes memories of the events in Nazi Germany that no one in the Western world thought they would ever see repeated. This aspect of the Trump 100 day plan – if carried out – represents the ultimate failure of the American experiment.

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]