‘Little Girl’s Secret’: Lifetime Horror Movie Based On Ghost In ‘Wait Till Helen Comes’ Not A True Story, Starring Maria Bello, Sophie Nelisse

Little Girl’s Secret is a haunting new Lifetime movie that is slated to debut this Saturday. The movie, which is not said to be a true story, is based on Wait Till Helen Comes, the book by Mary Downing Hahn. Little Girl’s Secret, which was originally named after the novel, is about a family who moves to a haunted home in the country where they are harassed by a ghost named Helen. Directed by Dominic James and written by Mary Downing Hahn and Victoria Sanchez Mandryk, the supernatural thriller stars Maria Bello, Callum Keith Rennie, and Sophie Nelisse.


Little Girl’s Secret: Don’t Let The Names Confuse You

  1. Jean–Mom
  2. Dave–Dad
  3. Molly–Big Sis
  4. Michael–Big Bro
  5. Heather–Little Sis
  6. Helen—The Ghost

Movie Synopsis: Little Girl’s Secret, AKA Wait Till Helen Comes on Lifetime

Jean and Dave are looking forward to moving their family to the rural countryside, where they plan to renovate an old church into a beautiful family home. However, their children, Molly, Michael, and Heather, are not thrilled about making the move from the city. To Jean and Dave, this is the perfect opportunity for them to make some money. Jean will do her painting and Dave will gain the inspiration to write. But when they arrive, Molly and Michael find the old church spooky especially since it is surrounded by an old grave yard.

As Molly and Michael investigate the grounds, they come across the ruins of another old home nearby. At the same time, their little stepsister, Heather, begins communicating with a ghost named Helen. Molly and Michael don’t care much for Heather. However, Jean needs for Molly to be a good big sister to her since she has endured a lot for her age after the death of her birth mother.

Heather isn’t happy that her father has remarried and is hellbent on annoying the family. As time passes, Heather continues to talk about Helen the Ghost. Then all sorts of sinister activities start occurring in the house. Concerned for Heather, Molly tries to find out more about the old ruins in the woods by conducting her own investigation at the local library. It is there that she learns that the house burned to the ground about 100 years ago, and the family perished, including a little girl named Helen, who tumbled into the pool and drowned.

Meanwhile, Heather’s whole demeanor is different, even the look in her eyes is menacing. Now, Molly and Michael are convinced that the ghost has taken over little Heather’s body. As they try to convince their parents, Dave grows more annoyed with Molly, believing that there is no ghost and that they have put the idea in Heather’s head.

Terror strikes after someone in the family disappears. It is then that they all realize that Helen is no imaginary friend but a dangerous ghost who is determined to make Heather a permanent friend after she wipes out her entire family.


There isn’t any evidence that the new Lifetime movie is based on a true story. But here are a few true stories that you might like to explore.

  • The Story of Brandi: Brandi is a writer who grew up in Kentucky. She had her first experience with a ghost when she was a little girl.
  • One day while in her bed, she heard someone whisper to her. From there, she experienced all sorts of paranormal activity, and no one seemed to believe her.
  • She later found out that her old home was once an abandoned church before they built their new home.
  • Even more disturbing, her old bedroom was once the site where the old church brought in dead people before their burials.

Here are a few more true-story hauntings that are included in a list found at Places You’ll See. Out of the 38 homes listed, here are three that stood out.

  • Saucer Castle in Kansas City, Kansas: This old home was the site of several family tragedies, including two suicides and the death of the family’s little girl, who drowned in the pool.
  • The Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas: Here a little girl named Sallie died after having a surgical procedure that went wrong. Later, a family reported being harassed by the little girl, who threw toys around the house and left them with bruises. The children in the home told their parents that the troublesome figure was that of a little girl. Although, later it was said to be the ghost of an adult woman.
  • LaLaurie House in New Orleans: This old mansion was the home of Marie Delphine LaLaurie and her husband, a couple who seemed nice until it was revealed that Marie Delphine LaLaurie was a sadistic woman who tortured and killed her slaves. The shocking secret was exposed after a slave who was chained to a stove started a fire.

Little Girl’s Secret (Wait Till Helen Comes) is produced by Caramel Film, Don Carmody Productions, Just Believe Productions, and Inferno Pictures Inc. Executive producers are Manuel Freedman, Scott Mednick, Dominique Desrochers, Alexandre Grenier, and Skyler Mednick.

If Lifetime Television’s Little Girl’s Secret is anything like the novel, expect a frightening thriller that is well-crafted and realistic, one that will grab your interest and hold it right until the end. Tune into it this Saturday, November 12, at 8/7 p.m. Central on the Lifetime Channel. Before the premiere, take a look at a few more interesting haunted houses that were featured in a previous Inquisitr article about the Lifetime movie The Inherited and House of Darkness.

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