Everyone Missing From The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix Revival Series

The Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, subtitled A Year in the Life, will be released in just 16 short days, and fans are desperate for clues about which of their favorite characters will make an appearance.

As actors returned to the Warner Brothers set and the news was first dropped, more and more was slowly revealed about the Gilmore Girls Netflix series. Obviously, everyone knew the titular Gilmore girls (as well as Lorelai’s mother Emily) would be returning, but apart from that, everyone else was up in the air.

Now, in the official trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, viewers can see which of the fan favorites will be making triumphant returns to the small screen. Luke Danes, Lorelai’s boyfriend and the owner of a local diner, is one of the few characters who will be back for all four episodes of the Gilmore Girls revival.

According to IMDb, other characters returning for the full run of the Netflix revival are Rory’s childhood best friend Lane Kim, the Luke’s Diner chef Caesar, Rory’s ex-boyfriend Logan Huntzberger, village weirdo and jack-of-all-trades Kirk Gleason, and sarcastic Dragonfly Inn front desk clerk Michel Gerard.

Other iconic characters from Gilmore Girls, unfortunately, will not be returning for the entirety of the Netflix series. Fans who preferred Rory with mopey bad boy Jess or her first boyfriend Dean might be disappointed: Jess will be appearing in three episodes of the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, and Dean will only be in one. Fans of Rory and Dean together might see them getting closure, but probably not much else.


For some, including myself, it is strange to see fans getting excited about the Gilmore Girls revival showing Rory being reunited with boys that she broke up with over a decade ago. Hopefully, both Rory and her exes have had plenty of time to get over things and move on with their lives. Throughout the show, Rory certainly moved on and attained closure from Jess and Dean, and things were left ambiguous as to her relationship with Logan. Seeing that Jess, Dean, and Logan will be back was a bit of a shock, considering how Gilmore Girls ended.

Other iconic Gilmore Girls characters like Rory’s best friend Paris and Lorelai’s best friend and coworker Sookie are also both only back for one episode. This is probably due to the actors’ busy schedules. Liza Weil is currently starring on How to Get Away with Murder, and Melissa McCarthy is undoubtedly the most famous Gilmore Girls alumna.


Now that we have covered the most important additions to the Gilmore Girls Netflix series, let’s examine who was on the chopping block.

Unfortunately, Marty, Rory’s friend from Yale, was not a feature in the Gilmore Girls revival. In an interview with TVLine, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed that she wanted him to be included but they could not make it work. “We absolutely tried. [But] organically it just didn’t fit in. We love Wayne [Wilcox, who plays Marty].”

Some fans, especially those who think Marty was the best romantic option for Rory, are undoubtedly disappointed at his exclusion from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.


Another missing Gilmore Girls fan favorite is Dave Rygalski, a musician who was Lane’s first love. His departure from the show meant that Lane ended up falling for bandmember Zack instead.

Madeline and Louise, Rory’s friends from her days at Chilton, are also absent from the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival cast list. When we last saw Madeline and Louise, they were partying it up in Florida, intending to celebrate spring break forever. Maybe they’re still there?

Andrew, the owner of Stars Hollow’s book store, will not be returning to the Netflix series.


Other infrequently-appearing Gilmore Girls characters who won’t be seen on the Netflix revival are:

  • Liz Danes, Luke’s sister and Jess’ mother
  • Max Medina, Rory’s teacher who dated Lorelai in the beginning of the series
  • Glenn, one of Rory’s fellow writers at the Yale Daily News
  • Lindsay, Dean’s wife who married him when they were both nineteen

And, tragically, Rory’s grandfather Richard Gilmore will not be on the Netflix series due to the unfortunate death of actor Edward Herrmann.

While a handful of characters are missing, most of the Gilmore Girls gang will be back in Stars Hollow on November 26 for A Year in the Life. Are you excited for the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival?

[Featured Image by Netflix]