Did Kim Kardashian Claim That Kanye Is Only Present For Photo Opportunities?

Few would dispute that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have built their careers on the back of a never ending stream of publicity. Some would go so far as to say that Kardashian is “famous for being famous” and that she will happily sell the most intimate details of her private life to the highest bidder. For his part, Kanye West has always been a controversial figure, one who seems to genuinely believe that he is god’s gift to mankind. When Kim and Kanye married in 2014 many believed that we were seeing the merger of two entertainment media brands.

Of course both Kardashian and West recognize the value of publicity and, as two of the highest profile celebrities on the planet, they face a constant stream of media coverage. The problem for fans of Kim and Kanye is that it is never clear whether what they see is real or just a piece of Tinseltown glitz. Forbes claimed last year that Kardashian has “monetized fame better than any other,” so of course, Kardashian is well aware that, fame always comes at a cost. For Kim and Kanye that cost is often the almost constant speculation as to the state of their marriage.


According to In Touch magazine, Kim Kardashian is living a lie. They claim that Kardashian wants people to buy into the illusion that Kim and Kanye enjoy a perfect marriage. They go on to say that, in fact, Kardashian and West are constantly fighting.

“Kim doesn’t want anyone to know what really goes on between her and Kanye. She’s made sure that people thinks they’re madly in love, but the truth is they fight nonstop.”

“[Kim] cries that Kanye isn’t present for the kids unless it’s for a photo opportunity. They also have nasty fights about money because Kanye thinks he made the Kardashians over $500 million by rebranding them into A-list icons.”

Radar too speculates that Kim and Kanye’s marriage is in trouble as Kim struggles to cope with the aftermath of being robbed in Paris, France. They claim that Kanye is desperate to save their marriage. According to In Touch, the fallout from the Paris robbery is a major source of tension between Kardashian and Kanye. They claim that West threatened to leave Kim and their children if she failed to do things his way after he had sacked Kardashian’s bodyguard.

“Kanye held a family meeting and told everyone that he felt Pascal didn’t do his job. Kanye said he had cleaned house. Kim lost it. She started crying and yelling that she wanted Pascal to stay.”

“Kanye threatened to leave Kim and take the kids if she wasn’t willing do it his way from now on. Kim likes to promote the image that she’s the one making all the decisions in her life. But the truth is, Kanye decides what she wears, where she dines and what friends she is allowed to see.”

Of course, for every story claiming that Kim and Kanye’s marriage is on the rocks, it seems there is a story claiming that life is perfect for the couple. People magazine claims that Kanye has been a constant pillar of support for Kim since the Paris robbery. They claim that “everything seems hunky-dory” between the couple and that Kanye is in no hurry to push Kim back into the limelight.

The Mirror goes further, claiming that Kim and Kanye are secretly planning a third baby. Apparently, an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians sees Kim claim that Kanye wants another baby and has been “mentioning it every single day for the past 10 days.” It seems that Kim, who had problems with her previous pregnancies, wants to explore using a surrogate for any further additions to her family.

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