‘The Division’ Team Confirms Stash Size Doubled In 1.5 Patch, PTS Updates Tomorrow With ‘Survival’ Temporarily Disabled

In the weekly state of the game, The Division team talked about the upcoming Survival DLC and announced a few big changes for the base game. The stream, which can be found on Twitch, covers the new enemy armor damage, the fifth World Tier, and much more concerning the 1.5 update.

The highlight of the state of the game was the stash size announcement. The Division developers confirmed that the stash will increase with patch 1.5 from the 70 slots available now to an impressive 150 slots after the update. This prompted many inquiries on whether or not players will be getting loadout’s soon. The developers stated that loadout’s are not planned for 1.5, but the team is working on possibly adding them to the game.

The Division
Players in Survival start with little and will need to craft along the way [Image via Ubisoft]

The rest of the address touched on enemy armor damage and how it’s becoming a major bonus attribute will give players something other than armor to invest in with their gear. Additionally, developers stated that the increase in World Tier brackets with 1.5 is not going to become a regular thing. World Tier five is more of an extension of the 1.4 update since many players already had maxed out gear for months now. However, additional World Tiers are not taken lightly and are not going to occur often. As the Inquisitr reported, World Tier five will offer armor and weapons up to gear score 256.

The team also notified players that the public test server would undergo maintenance tomorrow ushering in week two of the PTS preview of 1.5. Patch notes for the test server will be published later today, and players should definitely consider that the Survival DLC will be disabled when the public test server is back up. The DLC will be available again on the public test server soon, but The Division team wants to direct PTS players to test other features of the update in addition to the DLC.

The Division
Hunters seek out agents in Survival mode [Image via Ubisoft]

This week’s state of the game address occurred during routine maintenance to The Division servers. The maintenance did more than simply restart the servers today with a minor patch also being deployed during the downtime. The brief patch notes on the game’s forums indicate that three bugs were fixed today. Players below level 30 should no longer be able to receive high-end gear from sealed caches purchased from vendors, an error in gear score should not place players in the wrong World Tier, and players leveling their Underground level should not be able to reach levels higher than 40.

Of course, many players of The Division are focused on the game’s future including the upcoming Survival DLC discussed during the state of the game. In addition to the weekly state of the game addresses and regular live streams of the game with the development team, a recent blog post detailed the new DLC and its Survival mode coming to the game with the 1.5 update.


Players will need to work to endure the new, optional mode by seeking heat, clothing, and other scarce items. Players will even need to manage their hunger and thirst in the new mode while fighting off a new enemy faction all while trying to reach the center of the map before time runs out.

“At the end of the round, whether you make it out alive or die on the way, you will be ranked according to how well you did. This rank is based on several factors, including how far you made it, how long you survived, and how much equipment and resources you gathered. Higher the rank, the more rewards you will receive.”

Although Survival has no firm release date right now, the new content is currently on the PC public test server. PC owners of the game can download and preview the upcoming content while testing its new features. Like previous DLC for The Division, the Survival DLC will release first on Xbox One and PC before releasing one month later on PlayStation 4.

[Featured Image via Ubisoft]