Brazilian Politician Guns Down Man Who Complains To Him About Unfulfilled Election Promise

A politician in northeastern Brazil has been arrested for shooting and killing a man on Monday after the victim approached him at a club to complain about his unfulfilled election promise.

José Alberto Carvalho Pereira, the city counselor of Campo Formoso in the state of Bahia, was reportedly arrested as he was attempting to enter Bonfim, Roraima state, after fleeing the crime scene.

Carvalho Pereira, 35, is a member of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (SDP). He was reportedly re-elected into office this year.

According to local reports, the victim named André Luiz de Olivera approached Carvalho Pereira at a club in Campo Formoso to complain to the counselor that he had not lived up to his word that he would provide water and build a sewer system in the city.

According to Police Commissioner Felipe Neri, Olivera’s decision to confront Carvalho Pereira resulted in an argument between the two. The politician, who was apparently deeply offended by the exchange, left the bar to his home to get a gun. He then returned to the club and shot Oliver nine times, the Express reported.

Olivera reportedly died on the scene. It is unclear what got Carvalho Pereira angry during his conversation with the victim. Police said the politician claims that he was “attacked” first. The police are reportedly still investigating the case, and Carvalho Pereira is yet to be formally charged.

While Campo Formoso is known to be a source of rare gems, it is described as an impoverished city.

Brazil Politician Guns Man
An alleged drug trafficker who identified himself as "Jogador" poses for a photo with a weapon in an slum alley in western Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Felipe Dana/ AP Image)

There is an alarmingly high rate of gun violence in Brazil. Brazil has one of the highest murder rates in the world, and guns account for a majority of deaths in the country. In 2014, about 60,000 deaths were recorded in the country, according to NPR.

There have been several cases of politicians, police, and even civilians getting involved in shootouts in the country.

Brazil Politician Guns Man
A man is searched by a member of Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE) while they search homes for guns and drugs in the slum, or favela, Cantagalo in Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

In September, a disgruntled 53-year-old driver opened fire on the motorcade of the deputy governor of Goiás during an election campaign rally ahead of municipal polls. Three people were killed in the incident, including the gunman and a city councilor candidate, Reuters reported. Goiás Vice Governor José Eliton survived the incident as his bodyguards were able to shoot down the gunman. However, he sustained gunshot wound in his stomach and had to undergo surgery.

In yet another disturbing incident involving guns, a man shot and killed a robber in Rio de Janiero in August after the thief attacked his car in traffic. The man identified as Marcus Cezar Feres Braga had presented a fake identification card showing that he was a Russian consul. However, an investigation revealed that he was a Brazilian lawyer, according to the Sun. Braga was reportedly driving with his wife and daughter when he was attacked by the robber on a motorbike. The robber allegedly smashed the window of Braga’s car with his gun and demanded that the lawyer remove his watch and hand it over. Instead, Braga, who is allegedly skilled in jiu-jitsu, pulled the robber closer, took his gun, and shot him dead.

In an even more bizarre incident of gun violence in Brazil, two cops sustained serious injuries after gunning down each other in a case of mistaken identity, the Inquisitr reported. The incident in Fortaleza occurred after a police investigator spotted a man in a pharmacy with a gun acting suspiciously. The man, who he thought was going to rob the store, was a military officer. As the police investigator approached the military officer with his gun drawn, the other also pulled his gun, and a shootout ensued, leaving both men writhing in a pool of blood.

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