‘You Created Trump’: Once Meant For GOP, Charge Now Describes The American Left

You created Trump.

Those three words were uttered by journalists, congressmen, and even the President himself during the 2016 campaign cycle.

Generally seen as a way to denigrate Republicans for the perceived obstructionist tactics that were employed to stymie President Barack Obama, the phrase has started to transform over the last 24 hours and beyond.

Did the Republicans really create Trump, or were his creators actually on the same side as where the accusations originated? There is now more evidence that Donald Trump is a creation of the political left instead of those within his own party.

The evidence?

Democrats, some would say “smugly,” went into Election Day forecasting the demise of the Republican party. “Where does it go from here?” asked pundits/strategists like David Axelrod, who orchestrated President Obama’s 2008 election win.

Left-leaning media sites like Vox speculated there would be a GOP “civil war” — a phrase that turned up again during discussions on DON LEMON the night after the election. But as the actual votes came in, the GOP couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

Not only did they pull off the shock upset of a President-elect Trump, but they held the House — as most knew they would — as well as the Senate, as fewer expected when looking at the skewed polling. Now Republicans have a large majority in one house of Congress, a slight majority in the other, and control of the Executive Branch.

Add the fact the next President will pick at least one Supreme Court justice just in their first term — Ruth Bader Ginsberg isn’t getting any younger — and it’s likely Republicans will shift the highest court in the land back in their favor, paving the way for future challenges to hot-button issues like same-sex marriage and Roe v. Wade.

In addition to the things Republicans can enact, there is also the likelihood of the things they will erase, such as every single accomplishment of the Obama administration, starting with the Affordable Care Act, the Iran trade deal, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership before moving down to the executive orders and NAFTA, though he will have a harder time on that last one since NAFTA has long been supported by the Republican establishment.

You created Trump. The mantra meant to brand Republicans with their own incompetence and bask in the party’s deterioration no longer computes as it appears the American voter would rather have leadership in the hands of this “dying” party more than the one of “progress” and “inclusion.”

No, if anyone created Trump, it was the left in all its incarnations and institutions. That starts with the Democratic party and President Obama, and it extends to a number of people worthy of the blame.

The mainstream media — outside the current administration — bears much of the responsibility, and even today, as it tries to do an autopsy on itself, fails to realize the ways they contributed.

Take Slate writer Isaac Chotiner, whose piece “Journalists Failed in 2016 –– We Cannot Make the Same Mistakes in Covering the Trump Presidency,” assumes the reason for Trump’s Presidency stems from the media not attacking him or his supporters hard enough.

Chotiner comes at the problem from a POV of moral superiority — an assumption the voters are wrong and have to be “educated” by elite journalism into seeing the errors of their ways.

The truth: media created Trump by coming at him so hard and so unbalanced, voters grew numb to it. When Trump said the media were biased and “the most dishonest people,” it was easy to dismiss them because you didn’t see the same fervor for Hillary Clinton’s many foibles.

The media ended up legitimizing Donald Trump through the very tactics they hoped would discredit him. They did it through preaching, polling, and pontification, but they never stopped to consider their assumed moral high ground was wrong in the minds of most voters.

That assumption naturally gravitates them toward support for more liberal politicians — even when they don’t realize they’re doing it, as in Chotiner’s case — and the two begin to feed on one another in a vicious cycle.

As they tear each other down, they build him up, and that’s how you get Republican majorities in the House, Congress, and Presidency.

But what do you think, readers?

The words “You created Trump” — do they apply more to Republicans or Democrats?

[Featured Image by Gage Skidmore/Flickr Creative Commons/Resized and Cropped/CC BY-SA 2.0]