WWE News: John Cena’s Official WWE Return Date Revealed

For many years, the WWE Universe criticized John Cena’s wrestling ability and good guy persona on WWE television because they felt his longevity and his commitment to WWE had made him stale as a character. It is humorous to say that “he can’t wrestle” after being “the face that runs that place” for over a decade, main eventing Wrestlemania numerous times, and the quality of in-ring work he’s put in over the past two years.

Suddenly, a big John Cena match is a rare thing on WWE programming because he’s spending a lot of time working on projects outside of WWE. Right now, he’s on a hiatus filming the second season of American Grit for FOX Network, which is going to keep him off WWE television until the end of the year. Time away like this gives the WWE Universe time to miss him, so his returns and matches become more meaningful.

There is still some speculation that Cena could make a surprise return at WWE Survivor Series, but he will just go back on hiatus for another four to six weeks, so it’s more likely he’ll be out until his filming schedule is complete. Originally, it was reported the 15-time WWE World Champion wouldn’t return to WWE television until January. But, a more recent report has revealed the exact date Cena returns to a WWE ring.

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According to that new report, John Cena will be returning during at a WWE live event on December 26 in New York City. He’ll be making his return to Madison Square Garden for a triple threat match against Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles. For what it’s worth, AJ is still being advertised as the WWE World Champion. That event happens to be on a Monday night, so it’s very likely Cena will return to SmackDown the next night.

There has been a lot of speculation about what WWE has planned for John Cena once he returns to WWE television. There have been numerous rumors about him continuing his quest to become the sixteen time WWE World Champion, which will reignite the feud with AJ Styles. However, it’s also been reported that AJ could be headed for a face turn as well. That historic moment could also be saved for Wrestlemania 33.

WWE creative plans could also call for John Cena to work with someone new. For example, the WWE Royal Rumble PPV is set to be the biggest in history this January, and there has been a report that Cena could be feuding with Baron Corbin. On paper, that is something fresh to keep him busy until Wrestlemania, but the WWE Universe would more than likely want to get things started with The Undertaker as soon as possible.

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It was recently reported that WWE would be promoting Undertaker’s retirement match at Wrestlemania 33 next year in Orlando. There are many WWE Superstars who are rumored to be the last opponent of The Undertaker’s career, but John Cena is said to be the first name on WWE’s list. It’s been a highly anticipated match for years, and it would have happened last year if Cena hadn’t been injured, so this may be the last chance.

Shortly after John Cena returns to WWE television, the feud with Undertaker could begin immediately. A lot of people believe it should, especially if it’s to be the final match for The Deadman. There have been some rumors about WWE pulling the trigger on a heel turn for Cena. It’s being said that Vince McMahon is still against the idea, but Cena vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania is one of the few situations where it’s plausible.

No matter what WWE officials decide creatively for Cena to do once he returns from his hiatus, it’ll be one of the most important things going on WWE programming. For now, we know that he’ll be back inside a WWE ring the night after Christmas and that’s enough to get the ball rolling into 2017.

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