Taissa Farmiga Finally Returns To ‘American Horror Story’ And She’s As Haunting As Ever!

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for American Horror Story.

Aside from Jessica Lange, Taissa Farmiga may very well be one of the most beloved actors to ever have starred in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story and she has definitely been missed since her Season 3 appearance as Zoe Benson. AHS: Coven was the last time American Horror Story fans saw Farmiga until she made her appearance in recent episodes of AHS: Roanoke. Each of Taissa’s characters in the horror anthology has been a unique and delightful presence and the young actress’ return in AHS: Roanoke is no different.

AHS: Roanoke Delivers On Its Promise To Bring Taissa Farmiga Back

News that Taissa Farmiga was returning to American Horror Story leaked just a couple weeks ago and now, as Bustle shares, Taissa has finally debuted in AHS: Roanoke as a web blogger and a big fan of My Roanoke Nightmare. Those familiar with Taissa’s past performances on American Horror Story can see why she was chosen for this role and may even suspect the part was written specifically with Farmiga in mind.

The set up for Taissa’s character resembles the plot of Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 by establishing characters as fans of the movie, or in this case, fans of the reality show, who set out to explore the site of the famous murders. Sophie, played by Farmiga, is joined by her friends and armed with smartphones and selfie sticks in the hopes of catching some paranormal activity in their exploration of the My Roanoke Nightmare location sites.

All through AHS: Roanoke, Ryan Murphy and company have used their story to put current trends in our society under a microscope and force us to face the most unflattering aspects of ourselves. This look at today’s society of reality television, social media, and selfies comes to a head, as Farmiga’s character comments on finding the body of Diana Cross (Shannon Lucio). Sophie gleefully predicts that their discovery of the body will “go viral” and launch her and friends into infamy.

Things Get Darker For Taissa Farmiga On AHS: Roanoke

Stop reading here or risk heartbreak, because Romper reveals what happens throughout the rest of the episode and it’s just what fans have come to expect from creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

Upon discovering Diana, Farmiga’s Sophie and her friends do try to do right by Diana, calling the police to turn in the body, but it’s all for nothing. By the time the local police arrive, Diana has disappeared and the group of My Roanoke Nightmare fans are believed about as much as Shelby (Lily Rabe) and Matt (André Holland) in the beginning chapters of this season of American Horror Story.

Undeterred, Taissa’s character and her friends return to the woods and set out once more on their quest. As might be expected, the forest is filled with those same horrors experienced by the other AHS: Roanoke characters. The paranormal activity in the area is perilously active because Sophie chose the Blood Moon as the perfect time for their little expedition. One by one, the group of explorers is picked off, leaving only Sophie and her friend, Allan, alive.

Sophie and Allan eventually end up in the production trailer and, as has been seen in previous American Horror Story episodes, the trailer was equipped with multiple monitors, giving Farmiga’s character a voyeuristic look at the happenings within the house. It doesn’t take long for Taissa and her on screen partner in crime to decide to head out to help those stuck in the house.

Finally, Sophie and Allan meet up with Lee (Adina Porter), who has been possessed by the spirit of The Butcher. With this scene, Taissa Farmiga seemingly concludes her season 6 appearance on American Horror Story, as The Butcher first impales Sophie and Allan, before setting them both on fire and offering them up as sacrifices to the land.

Maybe Taissa Farmiga will be back for season 7 of American Horror Story? We can only hope.

American Horror Story airs tonight on FX.

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