'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Updates: What's True Amidst False Rumors And Release Dates

Attack on Titan is arguably one of the most successful anime franchises in recent years, spawning spin-off OVAs and anime, prequel mangas, and dedicated video game titles. With the anime's Season 2 set to start airing next year, the hype for Attack on Titan's return is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, this has caused a plethora of false rumors to emerge about the anime's release date and possible plot points. This article will debunk a couple of these.

First off, Attack on Titan Season 2's release date. Over the last few weeks, numerous rumors about the upcoming anime's release date have emerged online, with multiple reports stating that the anime has been moved to a February 2017 release date. So far, however, anime authority site MyAnimeList has not updated its official page for AoT Season 2. The anime's page still shows an estimated release date of April 2017. In a lot of ways, the April release date appears to be correct.

This is because anime are traditionally aired in Japan on a four-season cycle. Each cycle, called a cour, runs for three months, corresponding to the start of spring, summer, fall, and winter. Due to anime mostly being aired every week, each cour typically corresponds to a 12- to 13-episode run. Attack on Titan Season 1 ran for two cours, and considering the material that the second season will cover, there is enough reason for AoT Season 2 to run for two cours as well.

The widespread success of 'Attack on Titan' has spawned a line of figurines, games, manga and spinoff anime.
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With each cour corresponding to a season in Japan, the beginning of each run usually happens in January (winter), April (spring), July (summer), and October (fall). The first season of Attack on Titan started airing in April 2013, running until the end of the third cour with 25 episodes. The second season, therefore, would most likely follow the same schedule. Simply put, rumors of a February 2017 release date are just a tad too unconventional to be true. Coupled with the April 2017 release date still being listed on MAL, the chances of a February 2017 release date are far too low.

Another set of rumors about Attack on Titan that have recently emerged are plot points that would allegedly be featured in Season 2. Among the most recent ones involve a certain Titan that would have some form of vendetta against Mikasa, therefore putting her life in danger. As much as such a plot development would be interesting, however, the chances of these sets of events actually happening in Attack on Titan Season 2 are just far too low.

This is because Attack on Titan is a very manga-centric anime. During its first season, the anime practically followed the manga frame-by-frame, ultimately transposing the story from page to screen. While certain aesthetic liberties were taken by the anime, the entire season was still fully based on the source material.

Some anime, such as Ajin: Demi-Human Season 2, opt to follow an independent plot from the manga, but this is mostly due to the lack of material to work with. In Ajin's case, the manga is still progressing and the anime has caught up, thereby resulting in Polygon Pictures to pursue a different plot from its source. Such is simply not the case with Attack on Titan.

Female lead Mikasa of 'Attack on Titan' has proven to be one of the most-liked characters in the franchise.
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Attack on Titan has a very expansive and immersive lore, and since the conclusion of Season 1, the events of the manga have progressed far enough to warrant an entire 25- to 26-episode run. Thus, there is a very good chance that the anime would once more focus itself on following its source. Unfortunately for those looking forward to female lead Mikasa being at risk due to a Titan, such a plot development has never happened in the manga so far.

Other rumors that have so far emerged include Eren, the protagonist, meeting his half-brother Zeke face-to-face sometime during AoT Season 2. While such a meeting is inevitable in the manga, the events have not happened as of yet. Apart from this, considering the amount of material the upcoming anime has to cover, there is a chance that the entire arc involving Zeke would be reserved for Attack on Titan Season 3. After all, the overall story of Attack on Titan is speculated by its avid fans to be approaching its finale. Considering the gravity of the events happening in the manga right now, there is a very good chance that the rest of the manga would be dedicated to the inevitable conclusion of the franchise.

With this, the plot of Attack on Titan Season 2 would most likely feature the arcs that happened after the discovery of the titan inside the walls. This would involve the "Raid of Castle Utgard" arc, the "Clash of Titans" arc, the "Uprising" arc, and finally, the "Retaking of Wall Maria" arc, where the Survey Corps would face off with the Colossal Titan, the Armored Titan, and the Beast Titan. Regardless of what plot or release date the anime follows, however, one thing is sure. Attack on Titan Season 2 would be a blockbuster in 2017.

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