‘Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney Says Lala Kent And James Kennedy Call Her Fat Constantly

Katie Maloney is tired of Lala Kent and James Kennedy making comments about her body. In an interview with Bravo, posted after the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 premiere episode aired on Monday night, Katie talked about the moment when Lala and James publicly made fun of her weight. During the interview, Katie said that Lala and James call her fat so much that if she were to turn it into a drinking game, people would be drunk.

“I have a good drinking game: every time that James and Lala refer to me as fat, you take a shot ’cause you’ll be wasted.”

Co-star and friend Stassi Schroeder, who was with Katie during the interview, chimed in that that’s why Katie was so hung over. Katie joked that she played her own drinking game.

“Yeah cause I played my own game last night.”


Katie continued to criticize Lala and James, pointing out that she tried to be nice to them after her and Tom Schwartz’s engagement party. Katie said that now, however, she wants nothing to do with them.

“Ever since my engagement party last year, [when] I continue to try to extend the olive branch and try to just be cool and cordial, I have just been done with it.”

Katie added that the fact that Tom got so angry over what James and Lala did just shows how out of line they were. Katie called what James and Lala did “evil.”

“Tom Schwartz does not get riled up. He doesn’t have a flair for dramatics at all. But he picked up like a small like tea candle thing and hawked it at James. It wasn’t provoked. They had their own table to go to, but they made the decision to come our table and do that.”


In his own interview with Bravo, Tom said that it was only a matter of time before things blew up between Lala and Katie and between Lala and James and the rest of the group.

“Tension has always run high between James, Lala, and the rest of our group. I mean, I can’t speak for everyone, but more or less Katie and Lala have kind of an ongoing feud. It was a mini-culmination of all that resentment that’s been building up.”


The Vanderpump Rules Season 5 premiere episode showed most of the cast sitting together at a media party. Lala Kent and James Kennedy, outcasts because of their drama with the rest of the cast on Season 4, arrived and walked to where the group was sitting. The group immediately made it clear to Lala and James that they were not welcome to hang out with them. They told Lala and James to go find another table. Katie Maloney questioned why Lala even wanted to be around them, pointing out that it’s not normal for someone to be so hateful towards others and then try to hang out with them as if nothing happened. When James began pouring himself a drink using alcohol that belonged to the group, everyone got even more agitated.

Lala, who wore a tight dress that showed off her slim figure, then basically accused the others of being out of shape.

“I can see that everybody here has not been working on their summer bodies.”

James then sarcastically asked Kate if she’s pregnant.

“Wait, are you pregnant? Oh my god, congratulations!”

Having finally had enough, Scheana Shay shoved James and told them to leave. James swiftly made himself another drink and pretended to masturbate with it, sending alcohol flying towards the others before leaving.


Infuriated, Jax Taylor went after James wanting to fight. Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, and Katie went after Lala to yell at her. Stassi angrily accused Lala of sleeping with a married man, a man who is friends with someone she knows. The accusation left Lala in tears.

As the scene aired, Katie re-tweeted tweets from viewers that criticized Lala and James for body shaming her. Katie also posted a tweet that basically called Lala a coward and cry baby.


Some of Katie’s co-stars and friends also tweeted their anger over what Lala and James did. Schena Shay tweeted that body shaming is never okay.


Kristen Doue called Lala and James “extras” of Vanderpump Rules.


Jax Taylor tweeted that boss Lisa Vanderpump made a mistake hiring Lala.


James Kennedy at least doesn’t seem too embarrassed about what he did that night. He posted a tweet that said that the premiere episode was “lit.”


He then gave the moment he did a masturbation movement with his drink a hashtag.


Lala Kent hasn’t been shy about going after Katie Maloney in recent months. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lala in September called Katie a “no sex havin Teletubby” in a tweet. Earlier, in March, Lala predicted that she’ll hook up with Katie’s beau, Tom Schwartz, in the future.

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