Bizarre Donald Trump White House Redesigns Surface On Reddit

Hours after the election was called, Redditors took to the internet and created Donald Trump’s White House pictures that started trending on Reddit quickly.

The famous forum is called PsBattle: The White House and imagines a Trump-themed White House that has piles of cash lying around, the White House with the famous Trump hair, a concrete wall, and two large towers — just to name a few examples. The internet sure is creative (and apparently has a lot of time on their hands).


Reddit user rilsoe created Donald Trump’s White House with the caption “There’s yuge improvements to be made. Tremendous ones.” Their version of Trump’s White House is a gold house with “Trump” engraved in the front. Lady Liberty is now a feature in the fountain of gold, but she is missing her clothes and is in a provocative pose. Obviously, this Reddit user is pointing out Trump’s riches and reminding us all of the “locker room talk” tape and his reputation as a womanizer.

Donald Trump is known for his views on the Mexican border and saying that he wants to build a wall and deport illegal immigrants. In this version of Donald Trump’s White House, the Reddit user added a concrete wall and the cartoon character Speedy Gonzales with a ladder. They captioned the photo, “Paid for by MX.” It received a lot of comments on the forum.

Reddit user akgoal also nodded towards Trump’s riches in their version of the White House. The entire White House lawn is covered with money and the caption reads, “A small lawn of a million dollars.”

The one that seemed to be one of the more popular images in the thread was Donald Trump’s White House photoshopped to be Biff Tanner’s Pleasure Paradise. The caption read “Why don’t you make like a tree, and get outta here.” The photo accumulated 3368 points at the time of this writing. One user wrote, “Hands down. The best one /thread.” It was also shared on Twitter by an account @nochillTrump with the name “Donald J. Trump” and the comment “This is what I’m gonna turn the White House into xx.”


But there was one image that stood out above all, with 5072 points at the time of this writing, and several variations. The Trump Towers White House. The caption reads, “What the h*ll is this! I SAID I wanted it to be at least 60 stories! How am I going to impress Putin with this crap!” To which the poster then started adding variations. The caption nods at Trump’s temperament, “B**ch please, I said gold! Not yellow!” and simply pictures the same image above, just with Trump’s White House colored gold.

Then there is the cartoon meme that has Donald Trump as the angry “Mr. Wilson” of the neighborhood, only he’s wielding guns and there are small fires in the background. This was captioned, “I don’t care if you’re the groundskeeper, GET OFF MY LAWN.” Donald Trump is armed with a gun, shooting at the groundskeeper who is wearing a sombrero. There are explosions and fire in the background and in the White House. Reactions didn’t just take place on Reddit, though. Many YouTube videos like this one have surfaced as well:

There are many more versions of Donald Trump’s White House on the Reddit thread, and plenty of comments to go with them. The theme seems to be the same: Reddit users feel Donald Trump as president isn’t a good idea. No matter which side you are one, most Americans are just glad it’s over. See the final speeches of the 2016 election here:

Which version of Donald Trump’s White House do you like the best?

[Featured Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]