Bill O’Reilly: ‘The People Revolt, Donald Trump Wins’

Bill O’Reilly’s post-election coverage on The O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night is already considered his best by many of his viewers.

“In perhaps the most stunning political story in American history, the folks rejected corruption and unfair federal policies and delivered vast power to a maverick political novice who is promising to treat working Americans with respect,” O’Reilly happily stated, adding that there is no question that the Democrats waged an arrogant campaign that not only allowed, but emphasized Hillary Clinton’s history of unethical actions.

Hillary Clinton Election
Bill O'Reilly believes Hillary Clinton only has herself to blame. [Image by Scott/Getty Images]

Bill O’Reilly believes many politicians deceive, but that Hillary Clinton has been incapable of speaking the truth. He repeated what others believe: Hillary exploited her foundation for her own good. He then moved on to issues he thought people voted on.

“First, working folks are tired of supplementing millions of people who are gaining the system. Enough with a chaotic federally-imposed healthcare system that punishes productive people so others can access free healthcare,” O’Reilly emotionally continued, adding that he believes safety nets are vital for the suffering poor, but that a vast income redistribution scheme that is unconstitutional is abusive.

Bill O’Reilly then talked about unlimited immigration in the country, which he called a national scandal. He said that Hillary Clinton had no interest in fixing any of that and notes that she pandered to the Latino community in order to get votes.

“The fact that Mexican cartels are harming this nation does not seem to bother Clinton or her party in the least,” O’Reilly stated, adding that the fact that Democrats wouldn’t even vote for Kate’s Law, which would have dealt with illegal immigrants who continuously commit crimes in the country, is insane.

Speaking of illegal immigrants, Mediate believes that O’Reilly’s home, Fox News, edited a recent Obama interview to falsely claim he told illegal immigrants to vote.

“Fox Business Network used a deceptively edited clip of President Barack Obama Monday to argue that the president encouraged illegal immigrants to vote, when in fact he had done nothing of the sort.”

It appears that Fox News left some of Obama’s statement out. Here is the full interview.

O’Reilly soon moved past the illegal immigration issue on his show and talked about how workers cannot increase their earnings because businesses are strangled by expensive taxes and ridiculous regulations.


“It is abundantly clear that liberal America believes corporate America is the enemy and must be punished,” O’Reilly angrily pointed out, explaining that Hillary Clinton bought into all of that since she was intimidated by “radicals” such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

As others from the right believe, Bill O’Reilly believes that a major reason for the voter revolt was because Islamic terrorists weren’t confronted by the current administration, no matter how many innocents they have killed. He said people are shocked that in order to not offend people, the phrase “Islamic terrorism” had never been used.

Donald Trump Wins
Bill O'Reilly believes that Donald Trump was helped by the media's vicious attacks. [Image by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]

Perhaps the most debatable point O’Reilly made on his show was that he believed the “vicious, dishonest” national media helped Donald Trump with the voters because the voters could see right through the reports. He showed different media responses to Trump’s victory, some blaming it on racism and others on sexism. O’Reilly concluded that Clinton’s loss had nothing to do with her gender.

Do you agree with Bill that Trump’s victory was an actual revolt? Do you accept Mr. O’Reilly’s explanation for the revolt? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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