‘The Walking Dead’: Season 3 Predictions Based On Graphic Novel Storylines

the walking dead season 3

Dedicated fans of The Walking Dead already heard that a primary character will bite the dust this season. Early money is on T-Dog, who has not been central to the main storylines, but zombie series lovers should not count on the show’s writers to play it that safe. Some fans believe that Lori will be the dearly departed character.

A review of storylines from the graphic novel series will not offer true The Walking Dead spoilers, but do give insight into major plot arcs central to main characters. Panels On Pages believes Lori’s death is likely, but perhaps will not occur this season. The character does die in Volume 8 of TWD graphic novel.

Since Hershel lost part of his leg to a pesky zombie bite and was left fighting for his life at the end of the season premiere, he could be the character the rest of the cast will soon be mourning. On the other hand, Hershel could survive, putter around the prison in a wheelchair from the infirmary, and deliver either Rick of Shane’s baby; as Lori passes away from child birth complications. In the comics, it was Dale who was bitten (and lived) on the ankle by a walker in the prison.

In the comic book series, one of the inmates found when Rick and his gang clear the prison, is a tax evader named Thomas. The graphic novel character kills one of Hershel’s twin daughters. The television version of the aging country veterinarian does not include young twin daughters, so it will be interesting to see how the writers adapt one of the most popular novel prison scenes into the AMC series. Thomas is nearly beaten to death by Rick after assaulting Andrea, and is eventually shot by Maggie, in the comic series. The Walking Dead Wiki claims that the TV version of Thomas will be in stark contrast to the book character.

The Governor character appears to emerging as the ultimate bizarre villain on the television series, just as he did in the comics. On paper, the evil dictator kept his little zombie niece, Penny, chained up in his home and placed the decapitated heads of walkers in a fish tank, for entertainment purposes. In the graphic novel series, the Governor attacks the prison rather quickly, but TWD Season 3 rumors indicate that multiple small clashes will occur before their is an all-out assault on the prison turned zombie refuge, currently occupied by Rick and his group of exhausted followers.