‘GTA 6’ Rumors And Release Date: A Roundup Of The Most Legitimate Rumors So Far

GTA 6 rumors have been persistently emerging over the last few years, and with both Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive keeping mum on the progress of the game’s development, almost nothing that is speculated about the upcoming game is concrete. Despite this, the rumor mill has been going nonstop with predictions about what the next Grand Theft Auto title would be with regard to its release date, possible map, and other aspects of the game.

Much of the rumors that have emerged over the last few years are downright outlandish, but some that have seeped through the cracks actually make sense. Among these include a number of speculations about a number of notable aspects of GTA 6. Here’s a roundup of the most seemingly legitimate rumors about the upcoming game so far.

GTA 6 Release Date

The release date for the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been a notable topic among GTA fans ever since Grand Theft Auto V made its debut more than three years ago. Rockstar Games has made its reputation by making sure that the games it releases are of great quality, with a solid storyline, compelling characters, and an intricate map. Thus, when GTA 5 was released, it was evident that the follow-up title would be scheduled years down the road.

Speculations were high that the game would be announced sometime this year, and it would be due sometime around 2018. This is because the last two Grand Theft Auto titles that have been released were spaced five years apart, with GTA 4 being released in 2008 and GTA 5 being released on 2013. A 2018 release date for the game would warrant an announcement sometime this year, however, and as all GTA fans know, Rockstar has instead announced Red Dead Redemption 2 this year, saving the all-important GTA 6 announcement for a later date.

Thus, avid Grand Theft Auto fans are speculating that GTA 6 would most likely be announced 2017 or 2018, with a release date of 2020. The game’s developers always take time with their titles in order to ensure the game’s quality. So far, those values have been true for Rockstar Games’ titles. Hence, it would most likely be true for its halo franchise too.

Rumors are high that the next 'Grand Theft Auto' title would be set in a foreign land.
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GTA 6 Map

The map for GTA 6 is one of the most notable topics that consistently emerge from the rumor mill. Speculations are abounding about the map that will be used for Grand Theft Auto 6, especially since the franchise is known for basing most of its plot around the location the story is set in. The setting is always important for Grand Theft Auto titles, and GTA 6‘s setting will be no different.

A good number of rumors state that the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise would be set in a foreign country, with most speculations pointing to a possible London setting. In a lot of ways, this premise is not improbable at all, considering that the GTA franchise did have a game set in the U.K. before, Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, which was released in 1999. While the release came in the form of a mission pack, it did provide GTA players an experience of what it was like to have a Grand Theft Auto story set in a different country.

Japan is also another country on the list of possibilities, and the game’s developers themselves have admitted that the Asian nation was seriously considered as a setting for the game. The nation’s background in gang wars and Yakuza organizations also fit well in the GTA mythos. While Japan was discounted before, it might finally make an appearance in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that the map would be based on the United States. So far, this has been what Rockstar is doing, with its maps like Los Santos and Vice City being based off real-world locations. Among avid fans of the franchise, speculations are high that GTA 6 would be set somewhere in the Chicago area, due to its hood places and its massive freeways. For all intents and purposes, a Chicago-based GTA 6 would be a worthy successor to the juggernaut that is GTA 5.

Avid fans of the 'GTA' franchise have been known to augment the titles with creative and unique mods.
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GTA 6 Protagonists

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is widely acclaimed to be one of the most character-driven gaming series ever released. Far beyond the shock value that is inherent in a crime simulator, the stories that GTA tells are always compelling. Of course, in order to tell a great story, the game would have to feature a protagonist, or protagonists, that are engaging to gamers.

So far, GTA has done this flawlessly, with the introduction of multiple playable characters being one of the highlights of GTA 5. Considering that the franchise has already explored that option with Grand Theft Auto V, it is probable that GTA 6 would also have the same feature. If any, the only request of the franchise’s avid fans is that Rockstar makes GTA 6‘s story mode far longer than before.

With this said, numerous rumors are revolving around the protagonists of GTA 6, with the possibility of a dedicated female lead being one of the most persistent. The GTA franchise has told stories that are predominantly masculine in the past, and Rockstar has always been pretty careful when treading untested waters, but the developer is also fully aware that it has already garnered millions of fans. Thus, there’s a good chance that GTA 6‘s main characters might include the most unique ones yet.

Rumors about the next Grand Theft Auto game would continue to emerge on almost a daily basis. With a fanbase as big as GTA‘s, this is no surprise at all. In the midst of all the discussions, however, one particular truth emerges. GTA 6 is highly anticipated, and millions are looking forward to the game’s announcement and eventual release. With regard to the game’s future release date, map and characters, avid fans of the series have their full faith that Rockstar Games would most likely do the franchise justice.

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