‘American Horror Story’ Season 6: Writer Lana Winters To Appear In A Final Chapter

American Horror Story: Roanoke will air the ninth episode of the season tonight, and there is a character from a previous season that has been promised but has yet to appear — Lana Winters. Sarah Paulson played Winters in Season 2, Asylum. She was a writer who was held in the asylum because she threatened to expose the horrors going on behind its doors. Ryan Murphy tweeted about her return on Halloween night.


As fans try to figure out in what capacity she may return, one theory suggests that there’s a clue at her role in the fact that she is a writer, and each episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke has been titled as a chapter number. Let’s explore this.

Reddit is full of fan theories for a wide range of shows, among them is American Horror Story. One of the most recent ones is about how Sarah Paulson could appear both as actress Audrey Tindall and as Lana Winter. It’s one of those connections that, once you hear it, you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

As International Business Times reports, ctuwallet24 suggests that this season is actually the re-enactment of a book written by Lana. This theory isn’t a big jump when you consider that each week’s show since the big Episode 6 twist is called a chapter — Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc. When Murphy announced that the interviewer/writer/reporter would show up before this season is done, most American Horror Story fans began wondering how her character would fit in with the events we’ve been watching. Many came to believe that Winter would interview whoever turns out to be the sole survivor of Three Days in Hell. This theory arose though when ctuwallet24 decided to think outside the box.

“It suddenly hit me: Lana isn’t going to be interviewing the survivor. She is going to BE interviewed about the debut of the new Netflix series based on her final book, ‘Roanoke: One Man’s/Woman’s Story of Survival.”

The way the theory plays out is this: Lana writes a book about Shelby and Matt’s story, and her book is picked up for a TV show. The season finale has someone sitting down with her to interview her about the book, much like how American Horror Story: Asylum ended. And speaking of the Season 2 finale, she said in that interview that she had written two books; this could be the second one she was referring to. Yahoo! further quotes ctuwallet24 as he explains this theory.

“It is a pretty faithful adaptation of her 9 chapter story about a family that moves to a house and experiences hauntings, only to become famous when a documentary about their experiences is made. For various reasons, they return to the house when the documentary spawns a second season, but sh*t happens and everyone dies but one.”



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So the book comes first, then the documentary, then Return to Roanoke, then finale an interview with Lana that we’ll see in the American Horror Story: Roanoke finale. Further speculation, not by the Reddit user, is that Audrey Tindall could be the sole survivor of the horrors at the farmhouse, and somehow they both appear in the finale, much like Sarah Paulson did in Freak Show and Hotel. Maybe Audrey will be the one interviewing Lana!

However it plays out, you could say this will mean that Paulson is playing a total of three characters in American Horror Story: Roanoke. First was Shelby Miller, who we found out was actually Audrey Tindall, and next we’ll see her as Lana Winters. One thing you can say for AHS is that it certainly keeps you guessing and consistently does things not commonly seen on television.

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