New Hallyu Couple Alert! — Min Of Miss A And Soloist G.Soul, JYP Entertainment Artists, Revealed To Be Dating

When it comes to the love lives of popular Korean celebrities especially those who influence Hallyu, there really is not much news on the subject this year. So far, the biggest news are rumors and speculation. For example, Korean netizens are once again pushing the belief that G-Dragon of Big Bang and Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation are dating simply because of their social media activity on Instagram. Not long ago, there were allegations that Korean actors Kang Dong Won and Jung Ryeo Won were dating. That rumor has also been squashed.

This does not mean there are new couples. As of now for 2016, there are two major relationships confirmed for 2016: SM Entertainment K-pop idols Kai of EXO and Krystal of f(x) and JYP Entertainment K-pop idols Jinwoon of 2AM and Yeeny of Wonder Girls. Now a new Hallyu couple will be joining them as it is now revealed that Min of Miss A and G.Soul are dating. It should also be noted that the new couple marks the second relationship to come out of JYP Entertainment.

An unnamed source from JYP Entertainment released the news about the relationship between Lee Min Young and Kim Ji Hyun, better known as Min of Miss A and G.Soul respectively. According to numerous Korean news outlets, such as Xports News, through a translation provided by Soompi, the source provided a statement detailing how Min and G.Soul’s relationship has evolved.

“They started to support each other a lot before their respective debuts. They both experienced hardships going back and forth from Korea to the United States, and saw each other as mentors. They talk to each other a lot about music as well; they’re a great couple.”

Certain details about the recently revealed relationship were not provided by the unnamed source at JYP Entertainment. Ergo, we do not know exactly when Min and G.Soul started dating, which in turn means we do not know how long they’ve been dating either. Maybe more details will come forward later on when Min and G.Soul are more comfortable with their relationship being out in the open, but for now this is all Hallyu and K-pop fans, especially those who are Say A (devoted fan club for Miss A), will get.

The last time Min did something associated with Miss A was back in 2015. They released an extended play (EP) or mini-album titled "Colors" which featured the title track song "Only You." [Image by JYP Entertainment]

When it comes to their professional careers, the last time Min did something as part of the K-pop girl group Miss A was back in 2015 with the album Colors. Their title track song “Only You” was so popular that it achieved both an All-Kill and Perfect All-Kill that year. Pertaining to sales, the EP sold over 12,208 copies in South Korea with almost 600 copies in Japan. As for “Only You,” the song sold over 1.2 million in digital downloads.

One year later, Miss A would go through a major change as one of its original members, Jia, would choose not to renew her contract, thus leaving both Miss A and JYP Entertainment. In the midst of the hiatus, Min teamed up with Jo Kwon of 2AM and Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation to perform the SM Station song “Born to be Wild.”

The latest work G.Soul released was a singles album titled "Far, Far Away" with a title track song of the same name. The image above was a teaser image for the album's release. [Image by JYP Entertainment]

On the other hand, G.Soul continued to gain recognition as a soloist. The featured title track off his single album Far, Far Away (which has the same name) earned over 64,000 in sales while reaching number 50 on the Korean chart. G.Soul is also known for his covers of songs by popular American artists such as “Stay” by Rihanna, “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars, and “We All Try” by Frank Ocean.

[Featured Images by JYP Entertainment]