Police: Man Claiming To Be Vampire Terrorized Female Grocery Store Worker

A man claiming to be a vampire has been arrested, after allegedly assaulting a female grocery store employee in Concord. CBS News reports that 21-year-old Jacob May was arrested on Tuesday, following the alleged incident. Now the details surrounding this case — in particular, his claims about his identity — are attracting attention.

Police say they arrived at the scene of the incident after the alleged victim ran inside the grocery store to call for help. The woman, who is an employee of the business, said she was outside at the time of the incident, taking boxes out of the store. Twenty-one-year-old Jacob May reportedly approached her and asked if she wanted his help. The victim says that the man lunged at her, shouting that he was a vampire.

The female store employee says that she ran into the store for help, but the New Hampshire man followed her. She told authorities that he yelled, “Just touch me. I can save you,” while chasing her into the business. The alleged victim claims that she fell to the floor at the time of the incident, and that the man wrapped his arms around her. At the time of the alleged incident, another employee was reportedly attacked by the man while trying to get between him and the female employee that he assaulted.

When police in Concord arrested the man, he reportedly told them that he was a vampire. He also claimed to be Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid, as well as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Police believe that 21-year-old Jacob May may also be responsible for a home invasion that had occurred a few days prior to Tuesday’s incident.

This isn’t the first time someone claiming to be a vampire has been arrested. In 2011, a Texas teenager was arrested for reportedly breaking into a woman’s apartment in order to “feed” on her. The 19-year-old Galveston teen reportedly bit the woman during the incident, but she was able to get away and flee from the home to get help. When Lyle Bensley was arrested, he told police that he was a 500-year-old vampire.


Several years ago, a Minnesota man was arrested for threatening his teenage lover, after she attempted to break off their relationship. The twist in this story is that the 44-year-old man once ran for governor of the state on Vampires, Witches and Pagans ticket. The man, who calls himself a vampire, went by the name “The Impaler.” The Telegraph reports that the teenager dumped the older man by telling him that she was a slayer.

In 2015, a Florida woman was arrested for stabbing her boyfriend with a pair of scissors. Investigation Discovery’s Crime Feed reports that 26-year-old Josephine Smith was “babbling about bloodthirsty mythical creatures,” at the time of the alleged assault. This wasn’t her first bizarre encounter with the law, however. In 2011, she also reportedly attacked an elderly man by biting his face. The woman reportedly believes that she is a vampire.

As for this latest case out of New Hampshire, police have not specified what charges Jacob May could face. He is currently being held without bail.

[Featured Image by Concord Police Department]