WWE Rumors: Booker T Wants James Ellsworth Out Of The Company And Back To The Indies

While a lot of fans love the character, not everyone feels the same way about James Ellsworth. Booker T apparently feels that the character is getting old and should be sent back to the independent wrestling circuit, as reported by 411 Mania.

During the interview, Booker T flat out stated that he was tired of seeing James Ellsworth, an underdog character that took WWE by storm. The former world heavyweight champion acknowledged that Ellsworth had a hell of a run with the company, but he feels that it is time to send him back down to the minor leagues.

When it comes to the independent wrestling circuit, not everyone is paid the same amount of money. Your checks are based on your name value and drawing power. Thanks to his run with WWE, James Ellsworth has increased his ability to ask for more money from promoters. He can do that because local fans recognize him more so than the typical performer that you would see at the smaller shows.

Despite wanting to see the character gone from WWE, Booker T attempted to remind fans that he is not a hater. He acknowledged that Hornswoggle was a character that lasted much longer than he normally should have. Booker T reminded everyone that Hornswoggle was able to stay with World Wrestling Entertainment for six or seven years. While the odds of James Ellsworth pulling off the same thing are pretty slim, he might not be able to stick around for a decent amount of time.

WWE star James Ellsworth
James Ellsworth [Image by WWE]

One of the final comments that Booker T made on James Ellsworth might have revealed his true motive. He stated that there were plenty of performers in Reality of Wrestling, a promotion based in Houston that he owns, who deserve the spot instead of Ellsworth. This has led many to believe that Booker T is simply against a performer like Ellsworth because he feels that his guys should be given a chance.

Booker T is a veteran of the industry, so he already knows how to speak to the media. He knows what he is allowed to say and what he needs to avoid saying. The fact that he was this open about James Ellsworth leads many to believe that he is purposely sending a message to WWE. Management is quite committed to NXT and wants to bring performers up to the main roster through their own system. That might be something that Booker T is against because it affects his business venture.

James Ellsworth [Image by WWE]

Considering how much Vince McMahon loves having control over things, it is highly unlikely that Booker T can make much of a change with the comments that he made about James Ellsworth. Things are going to pass through NXT regardless of what he says. Even though NXT is under the WWE umbrella, McMahon still has issues with the brand, which is something that does not come as a surprise to anyone that has worked with the strong minded CEO before.

It will be interesting to see if James Ellsworth gets a hold of this bit of news. It will also be interesting to see if that makes things awkward backstage in WWE. Booker T is the veteran, so Ellsworth would be wise to let it go and not cause a scene because that is a battle that he is not going to win. That is just the nature of the business. Ellsworth has people in his corner, but this is not something that he should escalate.

At the end of the day, Booker T does not make the big decisions in WWE. James Ellsworth should just attempt to appease the people that are keeping him employed.

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