‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Talks Olicity: Is It Time For Oliver To Move On From Felicity? [Sneak Peek]

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has been through a lot of different relationships over Arrow’s five seasons. The former billionaire’s romance with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) was long in coming, but their breakup at the end of Season 4 crushed any dreams of a happy ending. With Felicity already dating other men, is it time for Oliver to move on?

Amell recently sat down with Collider and discussed Oliver’s romantic life. In the episode “Human Target,” Oliver found out that Felicity was dating Detective Malone (Tyler Ritter) behind his back. When asked about Felicity keeping such a big secret from Oliver, Amell admitted he didn’t like how things played out.

“I thought that Oliver was fine, if not slightly confused that Felicity didn’t tell him that she was dating someone. I wasn’t a huge fan of the idea that she wouldn’t say something because of all the reasons that their relationship fell apart last year, which was about secrets being kept.”

There’s no telling where Felicity’s romance with Malone is headed, but Amell believes that Oliver needs to move on and start a new relationship. After all, Oliver is known for being a playboy but has only been involved with one woman the past two seasons.

“I don’t know if he’s ready to move on, but it’s time for Oliver to have another relationship,” Oliver shared. “We actually had a moment earlier this year, I was talking with [Executive Producer] Wendy Mericle; I said, ‘Currently, we’re not allowed to say playboy. He has dated one woman since Season 2 and you know – he had a fling with Isabel Rochev. That’s it. Stop writing playboy. If you’d like him to be a playboy, then by all means, start writing him as one and then we can do it.'”

Who might Oliver start dating if he moves on with his romantic life?

“I’ve had a couple of scenes with Carly [Pope] who has done a great job as Susan Williams,” Amell hinted. “And I do think there will be some exploration of a certain element of romance between the two of them. I hope that people will enjoy it because I’ve found it to be really dynamic so far.”

Amell continued, “It would be most interesting if Susan Williams wasn’t just necessarily a spy in the weeds, sort of in the way that there was no redeeming quality in Isabel Roshev. She was there to play Oliver from the beginning. So maybe Susan Williams is learning something, but concurrently maybe her relationship with Oliver will become dynamic and she won’t want to do what she did to Thea in the earlier part of the season.”

Considering how Felicity is dating Malone and Oliver is moving on to other women, is Olicity over for good? According to ET Online, there is still hope that Oliver and Felicity will reunite in the future.

Felicity and Detective Malone [Image by The CW]

Their romance may have fizzled out, but Amell revealed that Oliver and Felicity’s professional relationship is the best it’s been in years. Is their renewed friendship enough to build a new romance on Arrow?

“We have some arguments coming up, but I feel like we have a good dynamic going right now and really respecting each other as teammates,” Amell explained. “I think they both love each other very much and care about each other, but that doesn’t always mean that people are together.”

Rickards echoed Amell’s sentiments when asked about the possibility of Felicity and Oliver getting back together.

“Yeah, I think so. I feel like they still have a really deep connection and they just need to grow apart,” she stated. “To be honest, they are more dynamic a part this season then they were together last season, so I just feel like it’s a really good thing. You do grow apart, sometimes, before you can grow together.”

According to Buddy TV, the end of Felicity actually offers Arrow an opportunity to explore Rickards’ character more and remind fans why they love Felicity so much. The past few seasons have centered on Felicity’s romance with Oliver and sacrificed some elements of the character’s development.

With Felicity moving on in Season 5, the show can explore different elements of Felicity’s life without being overshadowed by Oliver. This includes bringing back Felicity’s sense of humor and confidence that made her a favorite with fans.

'Arrow' Stars Stephen Amell And Emily Bett Rickards Tell Fans To Hold Out Hope For An Olicity Reunion In Season 5 [Featured Image by The CW]
Do you want to see Oliver and Felicity back together? [Image by The CW]

Of course, there are many fans that want nothing more than to see Felicity and Oliver back together. Fortunately, Bustle is reporting there are several reasons why Olicity isn’t over just yet.

For starters, Felicity and Oliver’s relationship was so serious that they almost got married. Exchanging vows isn’t something they take lightly and isn’t likely that their romance has completely fizzled out.

Secondly, fans love Felicity and Oliver together. In fact, many fans fell in love with the show because they wanted to see the two character finally fall in love. Furthermore, moving on to other romance isn’t the same and won’t attract the same kind of devotion amongst fans.

Lastly, Felicity’s chemistry with Oliver has gotten immensely better this season. If things keep going like this for the rest of Season 5, then it’s only a matter of time before their romance heats back up.

Fans can watch new episodes of Arrow Wednesday nights on The CW, check out a sneak peek of the next all-new episode below.

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