Duggar Divorce Not Happening, Jim Bob And Michelle Still Happily Married

Duggar divorce is always making headlines. Rumors of Jim Bob and Michelle, along with Josh and Anna, are always speculated on. This family has been highly criticized for the way they are and their religious beliefs. Each week, there is a new reason a Duggar divorce could be on the horizon. There have been plenty of ups and downs for each couple, but nothing that they haven’t been able to work out.

When Josh Duggar admitted to infidelity and having a sex addiction, the Duggar divorce rumors began for him and Anna. She talked about how she went through what happened and the discussions that occurred. While divorce didn’t come up, fans were hoping she would choose that option. Jim Bob and Michelle have dealt with a lot as well but nothing as public as their son’s strife. According to the Hollywood Gossip, the latest rumor about a Duggar divorce has to do with financial issues on the home front. Jim Bob and Michelle might be experiencing financial issues but nothing has been made public, and it is just another rumor as of now. The Duggar’s financials have never been a public topic.

There has been a lot of talk about a Duggar divorce on the horizon, and it always boils down to either Josh and Anna or Jim Bob and Michelle. Unfortunately, these rumors will plague the family as long as they continue to remain in the spotlight. Their lives are under a microscope and will be forever criticized. At one point, Jessa Duggar spoke out about the rumors of a Duggar divorce that targeted her parents. She reiterated that her parents were still very much in love and happy. After everything that has gone on over the last year, it is almost certain that the Duggars will remain married for a lifetime.

Since the Duggars are a religious family, divorce isn’t something they take lightly. There are biblical grounds for divorce, and in Anna’s case, it would have been approved. Since she decided to work on her marriage, they appear happier than ever. Jim Bob and Michelle have been shown much less on Counting On, but that is only because the viewers wanted to see more of the older children. As their lives change and they begin life with a spouse, their stories have become more important to the fan base.

Critics have really come down hard on Anna Duggar for staying with Josh Duggar. They have been pushing her to divorce him over his indiscretions, but she has remained with him and the entire Duggar family. It appears that all of the married siblings have taken their vows incredibly seriously and will work through whatever life throws at them while holding strong in their faith. This family has been through a lot, and despite the critics attacking them, they are moving forward with their lives. Josh Duggar’s choice affected the entire family, and they are dealing with it as well as they can.

A Duggar divorce is not on the horizon, and it likely won’t ever happen. The headlines claiming Jim Bob and Michelle are having marital issues have no concrete proof. According to the Duggar’s pictures, things look great for them. Jinger Duggar just married Jeremy Vuolo, and the family was in attendance for it, including Josh and Anna. While they have issues like any married couple would, the Duggars are firm believers in working things out. Right now, they are celebrating the new marriage, a new baby on the way, and Jill and Derick being home. A Duggar divorce is not in the works, and it isn’t being planned despite what the tabloids are saying.

[Featured Image by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]