Luis D. Ortiz Became The Voice Of Reason During The 2016 Presidential Election

Luis D. Ortiz might have left Million Dollar Listing New York because he didn’t want to be a real-estate agent anymore. For a long time, Luis had worked hard to become one of the best listings agents in New York, and he had a charm about him that got him plenty of deals. But despite making lots of money and buying a fancy New York apartment, D. Ortiz was not happy. He struggled to find out why he wasn’t happy. He hired a team, tried different things, and even went on a long vacation to distance himself from his life in New York. But Luis learned that he wasn’t passionate about real-estate, and he left the profession and a highly successful reality show.

According to a new tweet, Luis D. Ortiz is now spreading his wisdom even though he’s not on the reality show anymore. D. Ortiz may not be working as a real-estate agent in New York anymore, but he is still living in the United States. After leaving the show, D. Ortiz decided to travel around Europe, and he’s been spending time in various countries. Luis D. Ortiz even attended Ryan Serhant’s wedding in Greece over the summer. But he does have an apartment in New York, and he is writing a book about his viewpoints.

And surprisingly, Luis D. Ortiz followed along last night as the United States selected a new president. Even though the result was clearly not what people expected, Luis tried not to be so down on social media. Instead, he became the voice of reason, spreading a powerful message of acceptance, moving on and becoming better versions of ourselves.

“No what happens tonight, it is still up to us to make the difference. Let’s keep pushing forward. No matter what happens tonight. It’s in us to make it happen,” Luis D. Ortiz tweeted as the country learned that Donald Trump would win the presidency over Hillary Clinton, adding, “I understand how significant is this election. But may be putting to much attention on what we think may draw our future. We draw our future.”


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It sounds like Luis wanted to spread the word of positivity as the election results started flooding in last night. Of course, New York was won by Hillary Clinton, which might have been the place where Ortiz’s friends cast their votes. It is possible that Luis D. Ortiz couldn’t vote, as it really depends on his legal status in the country, something he hasn’t mentioned on Million Dollar Listing New York.

“Let’s focus on what we can do for ourselves and our and newer generations! We control our destiny! No one else,” Luis D. Ortiz revealed on Twitter, adding, “No winner tonight may change our happiness and our desire to do better! [It’s] not about who wins tonight. Is what you do about you and what you can accomplish if you propose it to yourself.”

The newest season of Million Dollar Listing New York has started filming, and D. Ortiz isn’t a part of the new season. Many fans questioned whether this new season would even be worth watching, but one could imagine that Bravo found his replacement. The question is, will this new cast member be able to measure up?

What do you think of Luis D. Ortiz’s positive tweets? Are you surprised by the way he handled the election results last night? Do you think he made people feel better?

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]