Thomas Gibson And Other 'Criminal Minds' Cast Members Star In Axis An Emmett Hughes And Aisha Tyler Film

Kim McLendon

Thomas Gibson and many other members of the Criminal Minds cast will be heard as voice actors in the 2017 movie Axis. This movie was partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign and features Gibson's voice, along with the voices of many of his co-stars.

Criminal Minds Cast Members Kirsten Vangsness, Adam Rodriguez, Aisha Tyler and Paget Brewster will join Thomas Gibson and other cast members in Axis according to IMDb. The film is about an Irish actor embarking upon the greatest role of his career.

Thomas Gibson and the other Criminal Minds cast involved will be joined by Emily Bett Rickards of Arrow, Amber Nash of Archer and Jerry Ferrara of Entourage. Ted McGinley, Jonathan Sadowski, and Jean-Luc Bilodeau will round out the cast who will be heard, but unseen throughout most of the film.

Criminal Minds Aisha Tyler helped find funding for the Axis, and directed her co-stars and other cast and crew. Axis was created this summer, probably around June according to Variety, and so it is already complete and will premiere in 2017. No exact date has been set. Aisha Tyler will act as director of the original screenplay by Emmett Hughes. Emmett will star in the Axis, will be the only star to actually appear on camera, due to the nature of they screenplay. Most of the film will be shot inside of a car. The entire film was shot in nine days according to Variety.

Criminal Minds actress Aisha Tyler explains a bit about the filming of Axis on Kickstarter.

"Because we have such limited time, the lead actor [Emmett Hughes] is learning and rehearsing the entire film like one would a play, and that's how we'll shoot it. He's the only actor on screen for much of the film so this thing will live and die by how prepared he is. We're in rehearsals now and plan to shoot the first week of June."

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds will provide one of many voices for the exciting independent film. Aisha Taylor explains a bit more about this creative endeavor in Kickstarter.

"AXIS is a movie about a guy trying to turn his life around... The lead character in AXIS — Tristan Blake — has done just that. A successful actor who nearly destroyed his life through punishing addiction, he has gotten sober, salvaged his relationship and career, mended his connections with family, and is trying with all his might to reclaim his life. But despite those efforts, over a single sunlit Los Angeles afternoon, a series of tragic events will test his resolve, his loved ones, his sobriety, and eventually, his life."


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Criminal Minds stars Thomas Gibson, Kirsten Vangsness, Adam Rodriguez, Aisha Tyler and Paget Brewster have created an exciting independent film with Irish actor and screenwriter, Emmett Hughes. Perhaps there will be more of these Criminal Minds independent films with Gibson in them. It is known that Matthew Gray Gubler has a passion for independent films. Will Gubler invite cast members including Gibson to be in his next movie?

Criminal Minds fans and Thomas Gibson supporters should be on the lookout for Axis, an artistic presentation of an interesting screenplay by Emmett Hughes.

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