Jax Taylor Says Lisa Vanderpump Made A Casting Mistake With Lala Kent

Jax Taylor seems to have it all these days. He has a job, he has a successful reality television career, and he has finally found a steady relationship with Brittany Cartwright. But he could have messed all of that up during the first episode, as Taylor started spreading a rumor about his girlfriend, Brittany. He claimed that she had gotten oral sex from Kristen Doute, a woman Jax himself had hooked up with. However, both girls denied it happening, and rather than let it go, he kept talking about it. No matter how much the cast kept blaming Lala Kent for the drama on the show, Taylor himself was a huge part of the first episode’s drama.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now revealing that Lisa Vanderpump made a huge mistake hiring Lala at SUR. Even though he’s causing trouble, it sounds like he thinks the show would be perfect without Kent. And when people asked him about the cast members, he revealed that he could do without Lala.

“If you guys want a new cast member let me know,” one person wrote to the cast of Vanderpump Rules after Monday’s premiere episode that started out with a bang, but Jax Taylor didn’t see how that could work, writing back, “We are a real cast and real friends we don’t bring anyone on.”

When people started asking him about the cast and pointing to how they aren’t all friends, Taylor had an interesting reaction. When people are hired to work at SUR, they are possibly asked to film Vanderpump Rules, especially if they interact with some of the main stars on the show. But when Lala was hired, Lisa Vanderpump admitted that she would be a great addition to the cast and shake things up. But Jax Taylor seems to have another view on this.

“Lisa made a mistake with Lala,” Jax Taylor revealed on Twitter when asked about his co-stars, which caused people to reach out about James Kennedy as well.


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“And James. Get them the hell off of this show. The viewers hate them as much as you do! #PumpRules,” one person wrote, while another added, “I still think you should f**k Lala and not tell anybody until the end of the season.”

Even though people reached out to Taylor about his rude and horrible behavior in regards to his girlfriend Brittany, he didn’t really want to hear it. On his Instagram account, he revealed that all negative comments would be deleted and users would be blocked. It sounds like Jax Taylor isn’t interested in listening to people’s opinions, even though he’s putting himself out there on a reality show.

“Negative comments about myself or the cast I don’t care, you have no life and are looking for attention BUT…bullying, body shaming will not be tolerated I will block you and blast your comments and have your account shut down, my friends work at Instagram and are huge fans of our show, so please…. TRY ME!!! You have been warned,” Jax Taylor revealed on social media after people started writing some harsh things to him after the Vanderpump Rules premiere episode, according to E! Online. “All negative comments will be deleted and you will be blocked.”

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s comments about Lala Kent? Do you think Lisa Vanderpump made a mistake hiring Lala, or do you think she was a great addition to the cast because she challenged the current stars on the show?

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