TNA News: TNA Wrestling Planning To Introduce Their Own WWE Network-Style Streaming Service

TNA Wrestling has been experiencing a lot of craziness, but they might have just officially lost it. We know at this point that Anthem Entertainment, the people responsible for the Fight Network and helping TNA get out of debt, is sort of taking over. This is knowledge we have already. However, it seems that TNA is not eyeing any ideas to help their company presently and may be trying to focus on their future a bit too much.

According to PWInsider, TNA held a conference call yesterday to talk about the issues going on in the business. This is where they confirmed Anthem being a huge part of the business by introducing Eric Nordholm to the TNA board of managers. Eric has been with Anthem for a while, and the board will apparently be directing the company moving forward.

Dixie Carter would go on to praise Anthem for helping the company financially, as she obviously should considering the massive amount of debt TNA continues to rack up. Carter claims Anthem will help bring TNA to the next level. Of course, Nordholm didn’t want to miss the chance to praise the roster, and he did so. He claimed that the new agreement with TNA — which tells us there is something bigger in the planning — will help both TNA and The Fight Network moving forward.

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There were a lot of questions about the creative staff, which Dixie Carter put to the rest. Of course, we know by now that Dave Lagana resigned from TNA Wrestling last week, which meant that creative was a worry for the company. She would claim that Billy Corgan was no longer part of the business yet again. Of course, Corgan is still fighting to get his money and claimed if he didn’t get it, he would turn his owed money into TNA ownership. So the fight should still be interesting, with both TNA and Corgan going forward as they attempt to move away from the Smashing Pumpkins frontman.

Dixie Carter claimed creative would be a bit of a collaborative effort between John Gaburick, Matt Conway, and former TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. Carter claimed that TNA was probably going to hire more people to help out in creative for the business moving forward.

The big thing that got people talking was an idea about an OTT streaming network using TNA content. That said, TNA may be trying to move down the same path as WWE and eventually have their own network. Obviously, unlike WWE, it may not be helpful for them to do so. They have very little money, and WWE lost money when they first tried this out. Vince McMahon, however, was a billionaire, and he still profited on a lot of things despite the initial financial loss. Now it has worked out for them, but it took a while for people to go with it.

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If TNA went with this idea, they would need a lot of backup profit to help out with the initial loss that the network would cause them exactly as WWE had. TNA also mentioned that they were looking to get back into touring soon, which is good to see since they very rarely do live events these days. They also mentioned that they would like to strengthen their relationship with their Indian TV partner, Sony Six. TNA seems to do relatively well in India, so it makes sense that they would want to keep that relationship pretty tight.

Interestingly, the conference call came to what PWI claimed “an abrupt end” the moment an automated message said the call was being recorded. Of course, TNA never claimed there should be no recording. However, it is quite interesting that they wanted to keep all of this under wraps, considering TNA has claimed to be open about everything going on with the business. Did they plan to talk about more private information regarding the business, or was the conference call going to come to an end soon anyway?

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