‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Rumors: ‘B&B’ Renewal Not Happening, CBS To Axe The Series In 2017?

Bold and the Beautiful rumors tease that the hit CBS soap opera may be canceled in 2017. Last year, many of the B&B viewers felt that the daytime drama had a “good chance” of being canceled. The soapy series is up for renewal in just three months, and the fans are left wondering if the show could be the next soap opera to be taken off the air.

Health Aim reports that out of the four soap operas currently on air, Bold and the Beautiful’s viewership has suffered the most. The storylines are not fresh and repeat over and over. Many of the fans are growing tired of watching Steffy (Jacqueline McInnes Wood) and Liam (Scott Clifton) bed-hop between nearly every character on the show. Many once-dedicated viewers have admitted that they no longer watch the show, which explains the daytime soap opera plummeting viewership ratings.


On Facebook, a long-time viewer stated that she doesn’t tune into the show anymore because the storylines move too slow. She went on to say that some storylines take forever to see any movement, and others seem to move so quickly that the storyline feels rushed.

The Bold and the Beautiful has had problems maintaining their ratings ever since they decided to reveal that Maya Forrester (Karla Mosley) was a transgender woman. When Rick (Jacob Young) learned about her past, he decided to marry her anyway, which upset many of the long-time viewers. They felt it wasn’t realistic, and many vowed never to watch the series again.

The Bold and the Beautiful has tried many different storylines in hopes one would engage the audience. The fact is, none have been too successful, and the ratings have continued to decrease. It has become painfully evident that the viewers are tired of the lack of excitement and bed-hopping that has plagued The Bold and the Beautiful.


Can The Bold and the Beautiful be saved, or are we destined to face cancellation in the next few years? It seems pretty evident that B&B will face cancellation soon. Many feel if it isn’t this year, it will be in the next few years.

Last year, showrunner Brad Bell stated that he “didn’t care” if the CBS soap opera was canceled because he would continue to make the soap and air it via the internet as a web series. He didn’t seem to care that many of his dedicated viewers were upset by the storylines. He explained that he felt that The Bold and the Beautiful “had enough viewers to secure another contract.”

Two years ago, many Bold and the Beautiful fans felt that Thomas (Pierson Fode) raped Caroline, which resulted in her pregnancy with Douglas. Caroline told her then-husband Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) that she was intoxicated when she slept with his son, Thomas, and apologized profusely. His reaction was downright disturbing. He tried to keep his son from being a father and made every excuse to why that was the right decision. The storyline angered many viewers, and they vowed yet again to stop watching the soap opera.


Last year, CBS threatened to cancel the series, Enstarz reported. Instead, CBS renewed the series for one more year, with the hope that the ratings would improve. The fact is, the ratings have not improved. If anything, they are worse now than they were last year when the CBS threatened to pull the plug. Many fear that for this reason alone, The Bold and the Beautiful may not be renewed in 2017.

Bold and the Beautiful viewers, do you think the CBS soap opera will be renewed in 2017? If not, do you think Brad Bell will continue to air the series as a web-based soap opera? What would you suggest they change to boost ratings?


The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays only on CBS daytime.

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