Shannon Beador Makes Fun Of Kelly Dodd For Thinking That Being Polarizing Is A Compliment But Kelly Still Thinks It Is

Is being polarizing a good thing? Shannon Beador doesn’t think so. On Monday night, as part 1 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 reunion show aired, Shannon made fun of co-star Kelly Dodd for thinking that someone calling her polarizing is a compliment. Kelly hit back at Shannon by maintaining that it is good that people find her, someone who’s on a reality TV show, polarizing.

On the reunion show, host Andy Cohen told Kelly that she was a polarizing figure on the show. Kelly thanked him.

As the reunion show aired, Shannon tweeted the definition of what it means to be polarizing. She added that it’s not a compliment.


In response to Shannon’s tweet, some people agreed that Kelly was silly to think that being called polarizing was a compliment. They tweeted that Kelly is obviously not too bright. One person pointed out that Kelly, during an earlier episode, couldn’t even accurately describe Heather Dubrow as the puppet master, instead calling Heather the puppet and the others the master.


Others disagreed with Shannon. One person pointed out that where Real Housewives is concerned, being a polarizing figure is actually a good thing. The person noted that Bravo and Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen builds shows around the most polarizing figures.


Another viewer agreed that to be a polarizing figure on reality TV is a compliment. The viewer pointed out that such stars keeps people interested in and talking about the show. The viewer added that without Kelly, the season would have been boring.


The Twitter handle for a blog site tweeted that Kelly is good for ratings and predicted that she’ll be asked back for another season.


One person also pointed out that being a person who is polarizing necessarily means that she has people who love her.


Would Kelly actually return for another season of The Real Housewives of Orange County if given the opportunity? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kelly said in a recent interview that she’s not sure if she would sign up for another season but did say that doing the show has been more positive than negative so far.

Kelly Dodd herself doesn’t mind being known as a polarizing figure and still thinks it’s a compliment. She re-tweeted a supporter’s tweet that linked to an article explaining how being polarizing is actually a good thing.


Kelly thanked her supporter for sending her the link and said it’s funny that Shannon Beador doesn’t think it’s a compliment.


On Instagram, when a viewer left a comment on one of Kellly’s photos saying how funny it was that Kelly thanked reunion host Andy for saying that she was polarizing, as if it was a compliment, Kelly replied that she does think it’s a compliment. Kelly pointed out that being polarizing means that people either like her or hate her and that’s what someone in reality TV wants.

“sandigel12: Funny how you thanked Andy for saying you were polarizing like he was paying you a compliment.????????????.”

“rhoc_kellyddodd: @sandigel12 I think it is compliment!! It means people either like me or hate me and that’s what you want for reality tv!”

Kelly also left a comment that thanked those who do love and support her.

“rhoc_kellyddodd: @iroquoisprincess so sweet!! Everyone has been so nice and encouraging.. I’m lucky to have nice sweet fans that understand me!???? ❤️️❤️️you all????????”

Kelly even agreed with someone who criticized how her breasts looked at the reunion. The viewer commented that Kelly’s breasts looked huge and hung too low and consequently made her look fat. Instead of lashing out at the viewer, Kelly agreed that she needs to get plastic surgery on her breasts.

“rhoc_kellyddodd@tsmay13 I need a boob job!! This I know.”

On part 1 of the reunion show, Shannon accused Kelly of once having had an affair because she was in a relationship with a married man, a man she actually got engaged to, during her separation from her current husband, Michael Dodd. According to Shannon, the man’s wife even showed her evidence that Kelly broke up her marriage. Kelly shot back that she didn’t technically have an affair since she was separated from Michael at the time and that if Shannon wants to be mad at anyone, she should be mad at the man, not her.

On the reunion show, Shannon and Kelly also battled it out over Kelly’s accusation that Shannon tried to get her drunk during the cast’s Ireland trip. Kelly maintained that Shannon had an ulterior motive in ordering her drinks while Shannon maintained that she just wanted everyone to have fun.

Shannon and Kelly also argued over what happened at Shannon’s 70’s-themed party. Kelly continued her accusation that Shannon brought her two friends, Nina and Jaci, to the party and encouraged them to gossip about her in an attempt to bring her down. Shannon agreed that what her friends said about Kelly, in particularly Nina’s statement that Kelly performs oral sex for money, were outrageous but denied that she planned a setup. Shannon maintained that she doesn’t have parties to set people up.

Despite all the drama that happened on part 1 of the reunion show, Kelly believes that she came off well. She agreed with a supporter who told her that she did well.


A preview for Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County season 11 reunion show shows that viewers will continue to see Kelly Dodd engage in some very heated arguments, not only with Shannon Beador but also with Heather Dubrow. At one point, even host Andy Cohen has enough. When Heather argues that Kelly has a pattern of exploding in rage and then apologizing afterwards for whatever she has done and said, and Kelly counters that Heather has a habit of inserting herself in matters that don’t concern her and behaving as if she’s better than everyone else, Andy yells at them to stop arguing over one another.

“You guys stop. Stop, stop, stop!”

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