‘The Walking Dead’: Rick Grimes Rolled Over For Negan In Season 7, But Will Alexandria Bow Down? Daryl Sure Didn’t

The Walking Dead Season 7 is chugging along as Episode 4, titled “Service”, will debut Negan’s first visit to Alexandria. However, there still may be some resistance regardless of the tragic event during the season premiere, according to Moviefone. Recent TV promos and sneak peeks for this Sunday and the entire season gave hints to those who may still resist the Saviors’ leader even in the the horrid aftermath following Glenn and Abraham’s deaths.

Director/executive producer Greg Nicotero weighed in on Negan’s grand entrance into this gated community.

“I would think it’s safe to say that not everybody is on board with Rick’s subservience.”

Daryl Didn’t Cave, But Rick Grimes Sure Did

Audiences have it cemented into their minds that the leader of Alexandria is no longer in charge. Negan saw to it that it would stick via a rather psychotic reconditioning method involving Rick almost chopping off his own son’s arm. He has made it clear in one of the promos that he’s no longer in charge anymore. However, will some Alexandrians put up a fight?

Daryl was taken prisoner and had spent days in the nude, listening to “Easy Street” countless times, and eating dog food sandwiches.

He still endured and after that didn’t flinch at the threat of Lucille when Negan and the other “Negans” caught him trying to escape. As was mentioned, Daryl doesn’t scare easily, so he currently stands strong with a frustrated Dwight, who is trying to talk some sense into him.

Maggie was still out for blood moments after the Saviors left the scene in the first episode, while Rick quickly retorted there was simply no way they would continue their assault per their deal with the Hilltop. So the Walking Dead Season 7 restructuring is looking to get pretty interesting.

Deanna’s Last Living Son And The Path Of Least Resistance

Spencer Monroe, who is played by Austin Nichols, lost his mother, his father, and his brother. After suffering so much loss and having to seek out his mother, who was wandering around as a walker in the woods in Season 6’s The Walking Dead, Aiden is likely to have some animosity towards Rick. Some Season 7 footage revealed this, with him saying that they should have made a deal with them (the Saviors) when they could’ve.

Could this lead to a major storyline for Spencer? The AMC website shows his character bio regarding this “would’ve, could’ve” situation.

“He believes if Rick had not led the charge to kill the Saviors at the compound, maybe there could have been a deal to be made instead of bloodshed.”

He’s even seen paired up with Rosita, making their way out of Alexandria to do a run of sorts for when they (Negan and his people) arrive. Of course, Eugene refuses. As always, Rosita had cast implications regarding cowardice. Considering the aftermath, would you think Eugene is justified in just rolling over like Rick?

The Walking Dead Comics, Spencer Has No Guts

Considering the aforementioned foreshadowing and the following spoiler-filled comic book storyline, could Spencer’s attitude be following the same gambit as in the comics? In issue No. 111, Spencer approaches Negan about taking over as leader of Alexandria.

This resulted in the typical dark humor, as the leader of the Saviors literally says, “You’ve got not guts.”

He then proceeded to literally gut his torso, according to a parallel drawn by Movie Pilot. Apparently, Negan saw something rather unworthy in Spencer by not just killing Rick and taking his spot in Alexandria altogether. That’s what Negan would do, right?

Michonne Resisted The Governor, But Will She With Negan?

The Walking Dead’s samurai sword-wielding expert is seen holding a sniper rifle in the Season 7 trailer. The footage is put together in a fashion where it looks like she’s aiming it at Negan’s head. He looks back with his usual grin as if he was expecting it.

There seems to be an Andrea/Michonne remix of sorts, according to Moviefone, and it’s displayed as such in one of the two sneak peek videos.

To find out who wants to still take on Negan, minus Rick, go ahead and watch this Sunday’s episode of “Service.”

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST.

[Featured Image by Gene Page/AMC]