Nancy Lee Grahn Of ‘General Hospital’ Speaks Out Against Trump, Claims Hate Won

Nancy Lee Grahn of General Hospital shared her thoughts on the fact that Donald Trump is our President-elect. Nancy is one actress that has never been shy about saying exactly how she feels, and she is speaking out once again. Of course, some people are going to disagree with what she has to say, and others will be totally on her side about it all.


Last night, when the news came out that Donald Trump would be the winner, Nancy Lee Grahn went to her page on Facebook and shared her exact thoughts, holding nothing back. Here is what she revealed.

“I am holding my child who is inconsolable. Hate won. Our stock market has crashed and the world as we know it has been changed forever. My heart is broken and my faith is shattered. For those of you who did not vote against hate or did not vote at all, I hold you accountable for what has happened and what is to come. I no longer wish to share with you or hear from you. I’m asking you as kindly as I can to leave my page. The people who fought against hate are the ones I feel safe with and are the ones I want to stand united with here. We need each other. To the others thank you for your understanding.”

The fans of Nancy Lee Grahn are not afraid to tell her their thoughts if they agree or disagree. She already has over 1,500 comments on the post. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters both are sharing their thoughts on what Nancy Lee Grahn had to say.


One fan by the name of Denise Popoff Drew wasn’t afraid to explain that she was a Donald Trump supporter. She commented that she is also a fan of Nancy, but the thing is Nancy didn’t seem to be buying what she had to say. She even replied to her saying, “Denise You may think you love me but you don’t. Your vote has irreparably hurt my daughter and so many others. Maybe you didn’t know what you were doing and that would be tragic in itself but regardless the damage is done and you inflicted it. You voted against not policy this isn’t about politics, it’s about but civility and humanity. You disrespected blacks, latinos, muslims,disabled, gays and ur own kind, women. You voted for a mad, intolerant bully. You’ve endangered all of us. My friends don’t do such things. Friends? How can we be.”

Nancy Lee Grahn didn’t stop there, though. This morning she already spoke out on Twitter and wants to make sure everyone knows she is still not happy at all. She said, “Our country has been hijacked by the worst of us. I’ve no idea what to do & Im afraid. Being here with the best of us helps. Stay close.” Nancy also went on to explain that Trump will never be her President, and she is protesting the entire time he is in office.

Nancy Lee Grahn isn’t the only celebrity upset about what is going on right now, but she is one of the few that isn’t holding anything back at all. The Inquisitr shared that Aubrey O’Day is also really upset and sharing that she has a great story that is now worth $1 million dollars. It is going to be interesting to watch as everyone shares their thoughts over the next few days, but regardless of their opinion, Donald Trump will still be the President-elect of the United States.

Are you shocked by what Nancy Lee Grahn had to say on her Facebook page about Donald Trump being chosen as the President of the United States? Do you think in her position, it would have been best to keep her opinion to herself? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss her on new episodes of General Hospital weekdays on ABC.

Update: Nancy posted again tonight. She explained the reason that she wants people who voted for Trump to leave her page.

At the end, she says, “For me to hurt anyone’s feelings, including yours makes me literally want to throw up, and I did not come about this easily. But in truth, I asked you to leave because I honestly don’t know how to have a relationship with you. I don’t believe we are a match.”

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