Why Did Hillary Clinton Lose To Donald Trump?

What happened with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign?

That question is on the minds of millions of Americans today as Donald Trump officially becomes the president-elect (courtesy of CNBC) of the United States, taking the electoral college vote over Hillary Clinton. Let that sink in for a moment. Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States.

It stills sounds surreal. And millions of Americans are stunned, even numb to the truth that is staring us in the face. And because it is official, there is nothing anyone can do about it. The presidential race took a sharp turn in the direction that no one expected. That is unless you were one of the tens of millions of Americans who exercised their civic right to vote for Donald Trump, instead of Hillary Clinton.

If you voted for Trump, you are not surprised. You are thrilled, overjoyed, and ready for the country to go into the direction in which you feel it should be going. For those who used their right to vote for Hillary Clinton, today is a harsh reality. In just a few years, Donald Trump has gone from firing celebrities on “Celebrity Apprentice” to just months away from being the president.

As much as that might come as a shock to the 47.7 percent of the voters who chose otherwise, Donald Trump is about to become the 45th president of the United States. Again, it is safe to say that it is only shocking to Clinton voters because 48 percent of the voters selected Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

Their vote should send shockwaves through the political process. Their votes also, in a stunning way, reveals the true consciousness of the United States. And it exposes why Hillary Clinton lost her bid to become the president.

Donald Trump speaks to a group of his supporters at a rally during the summer of 2015. He is now the president-elect of the United States, after defeating Hillary Clinton in the general election. [Image by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images]

Plenty of angry and sad people have taken to social media their frustrations about the election night results. They have had conversations with their children about the possible direction the United States is going in with Trump, not Clinton, as president.

Why did Hillary Clinton lose?

Why did people vote for Donald Trump?

Those were the topics of millions of conversations over the past 12 hours.

There has been a large section of people in the United States who have felt disenfranchised for years. Donald Trump’s unlikely ascension up the political ranks gave them a voice to lift them out of their despair. Those same voices, once they began to increase in volume and size, were mostly ignored by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

When there is a large group of people who have issues with what is taken place, those issues must be addressed. They were not. Tuning out an angry mob is never answer. Addressing the angry mob to find out their problems and concerns is the first step to getting them on your side. Shaming the angry mob is what took place, and it proved to be a faulty strategy.

The campaign that was run by Hillary Clinton might have been a great one, but much of it will be remembered for how the elevations of fear overtook the talk of policies. Fear of what Donald Trump is capable of doing and would do if he were elected dominated most of the commercials which ran on the radio airwaves and on television. Seldom did the alternative touch on why Hillary Clinton was different from Donald Trump. That is one of the chief reasons why Clinton lost her bid.


Another reason is race and gender.

There was an obvious rush to reverse the course of the nation made by many of the people who voted for Donald Trump. A black president followed a woman president was a non-starter in the eyes of many. There is nothing to confirm this, but please understand that not everyone is a progressive thinker. In fact, there are more people who feel the opposite of progressive. People celebrating, while suggesting that they got their country back is a reminder of this.


Hillary Clinton was supposed to remind them that this is their country also, just with a few exceptions. The United States is morphing into something different. Clinton was supposed to let them know that America is vaster than what the section of people cares to admit. All they have to do is walk outside of their areas of thinking and embrace it. Hillary Clinton did not do what was necessary to convince them that the United States has advanced beyond what they consider as no longer their nation. Many will say that Clinton never once heard their concerns.

Hillary Clinton Speaks
Hillary Clinton addresses some supporters at a rally in New York. [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Several of the traditionally Democratic states which Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump were areas that were ignored by Clinton’s campaign. It says something about how certain areas were taken for granted when it is revealed that a state such as Wisconsin did not receive a visit from Hillary Clinton since the Democratic Convention. It somehow says that Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were shoo-ins in her eyes. Clinton failed to check the pulse of the people. And it cost her.

Hillary Clinton should be the presidential-elect of the United States this morning. That is at least in the eyes of those who voted for her. But they forgot about almost 60 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

Did Hillary Clinton do enough to sway their opinions?

Was there another Democratic candidate who would have fared better?

There were tens of millions of people who wanted Bernie Sanders opposing Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. If they decided to exercise their voting privileges by casting their nods to Trump, a third-party candidate, or Harambe the Gorilla, as thousands allegedly did (courtesy of Maxim), it was their right. But what they were also saying was that their concerns and voices were also going to be ignored. Instead of listening to what the people want, it was dictated to them what they want.

How is that a democracy?

As a result, Hillary Clinton is not the president-elect of the United States of America, Donald Trump is. Next time maybe the decision-makers will listen to their constituents because it cost Hillary Clinton the election this time.

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