Jenelle Evans’ Life Better Than Ever? ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Are Not Convinced

Jenelle Evans has revealed that she’s been filming the newest season of Teen Mom, and she’s excited to share what she’s been up to with her loyal fans. Of course, Jenelle tends to say this every season, and then her relationships go down the drain. She also struggles with legal issues and tends to fight with her boyfriends and her mother over custody of her children. Now, Evans is pregnant with her third child with a third man, and some fans expect that this season won’t be much different than previous ones.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans recently announced that she wants people to know that she’s very happy with David Eason and very excited about becoming a mother once again. Even though she will soon have three children with three different men, to none of whom she was married, Evans is convinced that she cannot be any happier than she is right now. And she’s excited to share her new life with Teen Mom viewers.

“Can’t wait for everyone to see how happy I truly am this upcoming season. I am very happy and will choose to continue to live this way,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter, sharing that people should look forward to returning to MTV.

However, Teen Mom fans are not buying her happiness. Even though Jenelle Evans claims that she’s very happy about expecting her third child, some people are not convinced, as she tends to say this before every new season of Teen Mom. When she was dating Courtland Rogers, who would later become her husband, Evans kept saying how happy she was. Fans later learned that her marriage had been troublesome and that he had a serious drug issue. He was sentenced to serve time, and Evans spent over a year trying to get divorced.


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In addition, Jenelle Evans kept saying that Nathan Griffith was the one for her, as she was expecting her second child with Griffith. The two never got married, and when Kaiser was born, Nathan started cheating on her. Even though many fans encouraged her to leave him behind, she became obsessed with trying to keep her family together. For a second time, Teen Mom fans didn’t believe her comment. Now, she’s about to have a child with David Eason, who has found himself in trouble with the law, and fans have a hard time thinking that this relationship is perfect for her.

“Stop. every. damn. season,” one person wrote back to Jenelle Evans, while another person added, “you [say] this EVERY season and then every season you get pissed they edited you in a bad light.”

One person downright called her a hypocrite, as Evans hasn’t changed the way she lives her life. Over the past couple of years, Jenelle has tried to get custody of her son back, but it has been a troublesome journey. To this day, Evans still doesn’t have custody of her first-born son, Jace.

“Continue to live this way… as a lying hypocrite? Thats some funny s**t right there,” a third person pointed out.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ comment that she’s super happy these days and can’t wait to share this news with Teen Mom fans? Do you feel she’s just saying this in hopes of gaining acceptance for David?

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