‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 509: Zeref And Mavis’ Creation/Son Lacarde Kills Kagura Using ‘Pleasure And Agony’ Spell? [Spoilers]

Popular Fairy Tail manga Chapter 509 kept its fans waiting for a bit longer than usual, but the latest edition has put forth several storylines that have excited the fans of the series.

[Warning: Fairy Tail manga Chapter 509 spoilers and 510 speculations are ahead]

Chapter 509 of Japanese manga Fairy Tail was titled “Lacarde Vs. Kagura,’ and needless to say, delivered exactly what was implied, and much more. The chapter opened up with a tired and beaten up Crime Sorciere groveling at the feet of August. The most powerful Spirggan 12 member has managed to defeat Oracion Seis and Jellal without much effort, and stands tall above them.


August insists Jellal Fernandes should have continued living in the dark side, and adds that he would have continued to remain there if it hadn’t been for Erza Scarlet. In the earlier chapters, Erza had rescued Jellal from the darkness, and had absolved him of his crimes. Erza’s actions caused Jellal to change sides, and eventually stand against August. Interestingly, when August asks Jellal why he isn’t following Zeref’s teaching, the latter reveals, “I met the light… The light of the heart, that lightened my darkness.”

The most powerful Spirggan 12 member’s extreme disappointment in Jellal is quite apparent from the words he used while addressing him. August tries explaining to Jellal that he is wrong not to follow the Dark Mage, reported iTechPost, and adds that Larcade being born with the power of light. Essentially, August revealed that Lacarde is Zeref’s son.


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August notes that Lacarde was never truly loved by anyone. Hence he lacked the ability to see either good or evil in anything or anyone. As a consequence, Lacarde does not judge people or incidents as right or wrong. The utter lack of judgment makes Lacarde a powerful warrior, but it also means he is unable to make the moral distinction. In essence, August concludes that Lacarde perceives everything neutrally, and adds that the intensity of his power comes from his strong hatred towards Natsu.


Displaying the utter serenity that usually accompanies the neutrality and freedom from moral objectification, elsewhere, Lacarde calmly provokes Kagura to fight him. He claims he is Lacarde Dragneel, which surprises Kagura. She exclaims that Natsu shares the same last name. Lacarde continues with his calm monologue stating that Natsu is his uncle, and his father is really fond of him.

Lacarde then proceeds to launch his attack on Kagura using his blades of light, reported Fab News. Kagura’s abilities as a warrior can be clearly seen in the epic battle between the two. She is able to deflect nearly all the high-intensity blades of light with the expertise of a seasoned combatant. Using her sword as a shield, and her battle skills, the strongest Mermaid Heel member repeatedly dodges to protect herself but eventually gets struck by one of the light strikes.


Realizing that such attacks won’t truly defeat Kagura, Lacarde then activates ‘Pleasure and Agony’ spell against her. Interestingly, the powerful spell cannot distinguish between friend and foe, and affects everyone who has “tasted the forbidden fruit of pleasure.” Surprisingly, the Mermaid Heel member is able to break the magic by strongly biting her own tongue. It is possible that the self-inflicted pain scores above the pleasure generated by the spell and breaks it. Having overpowered the spell, Kagura rushes towards Lacarde to strike him. However, she is in for a shock because the latter calmly stops her strike dead in its path with a mere hand gesture.


While mangaka Hiro Mashima hasn’t explicitly confirmed, it appears as if Lacarde delivers the finishing blow on Kagura, reported News Every Day. Before ending the chapter, Mashima hints through August that Lacarde can only be defeated by his mother. There are rumors which claim Lacarde mother, and in extension, Zeref’s partner, could be Mavis Vermillion.


Fans of Fairy Tail manga, hope Chapter 510 might answer several perplexing questions. Is Lacarde truly the son of Mavis? How did Zeref and Mavis come together to sire a son? Did Kagura really die at the hands of Lacarde or is she saved by Natsu? Unfortunately, the next chapter is titled ‘Natsu’s Heart,’ and if the title is any indication, might force fans of the popular Japanese manga to wait a little longer to get their questions answered.

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