Kim Zolciak Fat-Shames Brielle Biermann: ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Star Tells Her Daughter To ‘Stop Eating!’

Kim Zolciak is not afraid of her daughter getting plastic surgery, but she’s not about to support her new eating habits. The Don’t Be Tardy mom recently slammed Brielle Biermann for devouring a fast-food burger and even let her 4-year-old son get in on the fat-shaming.

Is Zolciak’s criticism the source of Brielle’s obsession with plastic surgery?

According to Radar Online, Zolciak fat-shamed her daughter during a car ride in Los Angeles with KJ.

While Brielle scarfed down some fast food, Zolciak told her, “Oh my god Brielle, you just can’t get that s**t in fast enough?”

KJ got in on the action and told his older sister that eating fast food is “going to make you fat.” Instead of defending her daughter, Zolciak laughed and continued on like it was nothing.

“Brielle needs to stop eating,” she later confessed to the audience. “What do they call it? The ‘Freshman 15?’ Although she’s not in college.”

Despite her mother’s criticism, Brielle clearly doesn’t care about what she eats. In fact, the reality star frequently talks about her obsession with fast food on social media and isn’t afraid to post pictures of herself chowing down.

When it comes to plastic surgery, People is reporting that Brielle and Zolciak share a similar interest. Fans have long speculated about Zolciak’s history of plastic surgery, and Brielle is now hitting back against her own plastic surgery rumors.

“They all tell me that I’ve ruined my face,” the 19-year-old admitted during an interview with Dr. Travis Stork on The Doctors. “They think I’ve had all this work done on my face when in reality all I’ve done is my lips, and I feel like I’ve been very open about it so it’s annoying.”

While Brielle is open about going under the knife, Perez Hilton reports that many fans still don’t believe she’s only had lip fillers. In fact, many suspect that Brielle has already had more work done on other parts of her body but is just afraid to admit it.

Dr. Andrew Ordon, a co-host on the show, offered some advice to Brielle about getting more surgery. He complimented her on how good her lips look but cautioned against any more work. Zolciak, however, quickly chimed in that Brielle had just received “a touch-up last night.”

“I’m always her mom first,” Zolciak continued. “I think [people on social media] have been getting on me about this as well that I’m just her friend, but I’m her mom first. But I’m also one of her best friends. She’s also almost 20 years old. I parent my 14-year-old way different than I do Brielle.”

Speaking of Zolciak’s parenting skills, Us Magazine revealed that the reality star is considering expanding her family by one more. Kim Zolciak apparently loves parenting so much that she wants to have another kid with husband Kroy Biermann.

“I love being a mom,” she admitted. “I have Brielle with me here in L.A., but the other five are at home, ’cause they’re in school… and I really miss them. I’m like, ‘Kroy, are you sure you don’t want more?'”

During a recent episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Zolciak and Kroy visited a clinic specializing in reproduction and talked about having her eggs frozen. The couple is obviously open to having more kids, but that doesn’t mean it will actually happen.

“But, put me back in the house for three days and it’s like, I’m good,” Zolciak clarified. “Six is enough. Three and three is perfect. They’re healthy, and I don’t ever want to push the envelope. We’ll see. We always talk about when Kroy’s finished in the NFL and I’m finished with TV, it would be nice to just have a baby and enjoy it and not go back to work seven days after you have one.”

Zolciak and Biermann have six children, including Brielle (19), Ariana (15), Kroy Jr. (5), Kash (4), and twins Kane and Kaia (2).

According to People, Zolciak recently had a blast celebrating Halloween with her kids and even dressed the twins as Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and Danny (John Travolta) from Grease. The little ones looked adorable in their matching black shirts and leather attire.

“Sandy and Danny. thx @nikitpressley for the costume idea! She picked last year and this year,” Zolciak wrote alongside a photo of the twins on Instagram.

Zolciak shared a number of cute pics of the twins on social media and even included a short video of them posing as their characters. The reality star capped off the night with a group pic of all her children on Instagram, minus Brielle, who stayed behind to give out candy.

Fans can watch Kim Zolciak and her family in action when new episodes of Don’t Be Tardy air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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