Emily VanCamp’s Challenging New Role, Deals With Election Disappointment

Emily VanCamp, the Canadian actress, spent a decade struggling for a breakthrough in Hollywood. Finally, the popular actress got her much-needed break by featuring in Glory Days, the mystery-based television series broadcast on Warner Brothers’ network. The actress’s work was well-received, and she later appeared on Everwood, another Warner Brothers television drama.

She subsequently played supporting roles in No Good Deed and A Different Loyalty. Emily VanCamp also featured in The Ring 2 by playing a cameo role in a scene that connected the events of The Ring with the storyline of The Ring 2. Later, she acted in two of ABC’s popular dramas, Brothers & Sisters and Revenge. Even though her supporting roles made her a familiar face in Hollywood, the Canadian actress was still waiting to be offered a prominent role in a major movie project.

Emily VanCamp’s dream came true when she was offered the character of Sharon Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. It appears that the actress will be playing important roles in many popular upcoming movies because she recently played the role of a French-speaking American mediator in Boundaries, a Canadian film directed by Chloé Robichaud, which premiered in Toronto.

Playing the role of the mediator proved to be a big challenge for the actress as her actual personality is quite different from the character she played. However, VanCamp was thrilled to play the role and worked hard to get into the skin of the character. According to Yahoo!, VanCamp spoke about the contrasts between her on-screen and real life persona.

“Mediators are really interesting people; their work fascinates me. My own challenge is remaining neutral. I’m not neutral with my opinions. I’m expressive.”

In order to play her character correctly, Emily VanCamp worked on developing a body language that made her personality more welcoming and neutral, as well as poised, calm, and still. Moreover, VanCamp carefully deliberated on the script to prepare herself mentally to play the role. Yahoo! reported that the actress focused primarily on removing the fear she had harbored about the role.

“Fear is often what ultimately inspires me to say yes to a role. I spent loads of hours with the script, making sure I understood everything and that it came out naturally — because a mediator must be extremely confident in front of all these people.”

Even though her Hollywood career appears to be just taking off, Emily VanCamp has exhibited great acting prowess by playing diverse roles. Many of her fans would remember her as the vengeful and feisty character from the television drama Revenge, but Emily’s character in Revenge was quite different to her character in the Captain America movies. Emily VanCamp has the ability to become an effective chameleonic actor.

Even though she’s Canadian, Emily VanCamp expressed her solidarity with her Hollywood peers in supporting Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential elections. In fact, the actress prepared a cake to mark the occasion of the first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump, and Just Jared reports that it turned out to be a special cake with icing that read “#NeverTrump.” VanCamp then photographed the cake and shared the photo on Twitter with the caption “Cake anyone?”.

Yesterday, VanCamp was busily reminding her fans to vote in the presidential election, while facing harsh criticism from followers who argued that she has no right to speak out on the election as she is a Canadian citizen and therefore ineligible to vote.

Emily VanCamp has yet to react publicly since it was announced that Donald Trump will be the next American President, however, she did retweet messages from her film co-star Chris Evan and Hollywood legend George Takei.

[Featured Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]