‘The Originals’ Season 4 The End For The Show? CW Boss Weighs In On The Rumors

There are many rumors that The Originals Season 4 is going to be the end. While it might be months away, fans worry that they will soon see the last episodes with the Mikaelsons. The CW boss, Mark Pedowski, has weighed in on the rumors with an answer that some fans might wish to hear.

The Originals Season 4 was picked up in March 2016. However, just a few months later, CW announced the lineup for the fall TV 2016 schedule, and it didn’t include the vampire program. Fans were disappointed to hear that The Originals wouldn’t air until January 2017 at the earliest.

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According to Pedowski, the move was made for two reasons. The network wanted to strengthen their mid-season programming and keep the fall programming powerful. There were three new shows added to the fall network, including the former CBS DC Comics show, Supergirl. Pedowski explained that there are only 10 hours of programming, and the network needed to do what was best for itself. That meant removing The Originals Season 4 from the lineup. Fans were heavily disappointed by the fact that The Vampire Diaries Season 8 was still getting the Friday night 8 p.m. slot.

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals creator Julie Plec and The Originals executive producer Michael Narducci expressed their delight at the decision. The two shows are running on different timelines now and having them run during different periods on the network will help to keep the two storylines separate. It could also help with the filming if there are crossover ideas, especially for some of The Vampire Diaries cast appearing in the spinoff.


After that, cancellation rumors swelled when there was an announcement that The Originals would see Season 4 cut from 22 episodes to 13 episodes. This is usually a major sign that a show is in trouble. A reduced episode order is there to help wrap up storylines, but not give up too much airtime to a show that could be a financial pit.

However, Pedowski has spoken up about the possibility of canceling the vampire spinoff. He says that the network hopes that it is not the end. There is still a lot of faith in the show. According to Mobile & Apps, he also said that there hasn’t been a decision made one way or another by the CW about The Originals ending. It is highly possible that the network is going to wait to see how The Originals Season 4 performs in the mid-season lineup.


This could have been the smartest move for the program. Mid-season programs traditionally have fewer viewers, but that isn’t a major concern for the network. The likes of Suits and Pretty Little Liars are both mid-season programs but have been running for six and seven years respectively. The 100 on the CW was placed in the fall lineup for Season 2 but moved to January for Season 3. It receiveD a renewal for Season 4 despite lower viewing figures.

The Originals isn’t the only programming moving to the mid-season lineup. iZombie will be moved back to the slot for Season 3, which is where it premiered Season 1. The network moved it for Season 2, but it failed to perform well enough. Reign was renewed for Season 4 after being moved to the mid-season slot for the second half of its season. It will likely get a reduced episode order for Season 4 considering its new position. There is no news over whether all the shows will be canceled after this season.


Right now, The Originals Season 4 is safe. It is unclear just how it will perform, and that is the key part of deciding whether to cancel a show. The reduced episode order could simply be due to the mid-season lineup since there are fewer weeks available for the show to tell its story.

The Originals Season 4 premieres on the CW sometime in January 2017 on the CW.