Kenya Moore On Pregnancy Journey: Was She Planning Baby With Matt Jordan?

Kenya Moore really wants a family and a baby – possibly with someone who she loves. On the past couple of years, Moore has explored various ways to get pregnant, including naturally and through IVF. Kenya was open to the idea of raising a child all by herself, but her family was against it. Of course, Moore’s age played a role in why she couldn’t get pregnant naturally and then her relationship with Matt failed. As fans will see on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore will open up about what really happened with Matt and share their troubled relationship on this season of the show.

According to a new Bravo report, Kenya Moore is now revealing that she hasn’t given up on her plans to get pregnant even though her relationship with Matt is now over. Just six months ago, Moore teased that her pregnancy would be happening sooner rather than later and fans were starting to think that she was already pregnant. And for a while, Kenya avoided being photographed so people thought she was hiding a baby bump. But these days, she’s clearly not pregnant.

When Entertainment Tonight asked her about her pregnancy plans, Kenya Moore revealed that her turbulent relationship with Matt put her off her original course. She hadn’t planned that her relationship with Jordan would fall apart. In her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Moore called the breakup a setback in her pregnancy plans.

“I’m actually really just scared to go through the process,” Kenya Moore explained during the interview, according to Bravo, sharing, “Being the age that I am, failure you know, there’s a high probability of miscarriages… [Plus], sharing it with the world, opening yourself up and being vulnerable to something that means everything to me, it’s scary.”


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Kenya’s family were a bit skeptical of her having a child so late in her life and having the baby alone, but it sounds like they understand why she would want to have a baby. Even though Moore may not have a stable relationship or a loving partner who she can have a baby with, she still has plans to move forward with her pregnancy. But she can’t reveal whether it will be next week or next year.

“I can’t tell you it will be in the next month, or six months, but it will happen,” Kenya Moore explains about her future plans to become pregnant, adding, “I would obviously want to have a baby with someone I’m in love with, and when some of that behavior showed up … in the relationship, I just felt like I needed to take a pause and really reevaluate whether or not I want to continue to go down that road with my current partner.”

Kenya has revealed that she’s dating someone who is younger than her and she could be thinking about what the pregnancy would mean in her current relationship. While Matt seemed open to the idea of becoming a stepfather, this younger man may not be ready to become a father just yet. Moore has revealed that she would use donor sperm to have a baby, which means that her partners would not be responsible for the child. She just wants a partner in the journey, so she can have her family.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s decision to move forward with her pregnancy plans? Do you think she should get pregnant even though she’s not in a stable relationship?

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