Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech Live On November 9 From New Yorker Hotel: ‘It’s Time To Move On’ [Video]

Hillary Clinton planned to speak at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan in a concession speech that reportedly would involve the Democratic presidential candidate thanking her supporters and telling people that it’s time to move on. Hillary’s concession speech was a hot topic on social media, due in large part to Clinton not addressing the loss in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, November 9.

Clinton’s concession speech can be watched live in the following videos.

Unexpectedly, during Trump’s victory speech, someone in the crowd shouted, “Kill Obama!”

Barron Trump was noticeably shocked at the outburst.

Hillary’s concession speech was originally planned for a different location — the Jacob Javits Center in New York City — which could have been the perfect locale for Clinton’s victory speech about breaking through glass ceilings. But Clinton’s concession speech was unexpected, with Hillary planning a victory speech instead, which spoke of breaking through glass ceilings in an apropos location with lots of glass. Whereas Clinton planned both a victory and concession speech, it was a shock to Clinton’s campaign that a concession speech became a necessity.

Some of the photos shown in this article show just how emotionally certain folks reacted to Clinton losing her presidential bid.

As a result, Hillary wanted a small and welcoming room for her concession speech.

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It was the first time the public heard from Clinton since her epic defeat by President-elect Trump. The mood prior to Hillary’s concession speech was one that involved Clinton’s camp being shell-shocked at Mr. Trump’s victory.

Clinton’s call congratulating Mr. Trump brought cheers to the room and a smattering of applause as Mr. Trump spoke about how long and hard that Hillary worked during the campaign — along with all the years Clinton worked to serve the country.

Folks can watch Clinton’s concession speech live, reports Time, but not from the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, where many people had expected Hillary to initially give a victory speech and speak about breaking through a glass ceiling. Instead, it was decided that the Jacob Javits Center wouldn’t be the appropriate place for Clinton’s concession speech. Whereas some people wondered why Clinton didn’t give her concession speech earlier, it was presumed that Hillary and her team were waiting for final word of the states’ votes to be finalized.

It’s also not unheard of for a losing presidential candidate to wait several hours — well into the morning following Election Day — to give their concession speeches, such as the one given by John Kerry.

As seen in the top photo above, a woman held a Clinton mask as she watched the election night festivities from a bar in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It was a major election that held the world’s attention captive.

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Prior to Hillary giving her concession speech on Wednesday morning, conservative websites were abuzz with criticism claiming that Clinton had refused to give a concession speech, conceding to President-elect Trump.

However, as reported by the Huffington Post, Hillary’s concession speech was delayed — not denied — with Clinton’s camp telling her supporters to go home and get sleep.

Others on social media joked that Hillary was likely asleep and therefore couldn’t give her concession speech. Other people online quipped Hillary was likely drowning her sorrows in alcohol and joked that Clinton was too drunk to give her concession speech.

In the absence of an immediate concession speech, people posted memes on social media, showing Hillary’s SNL alter-ego drinking wine straight from the bottle.

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