Is Khloe Kardashian Pregnant And Engaged? She And Boyfriend Tristan Thompson Face Rumors

Are Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson ready to start a family? Following news of the Cleveland Cavaliers player’s ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy, rumors are swirling claiming the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is also pregnant.

Although Khloe Kardashian has not announced that she is pregnant, nor has her boyfriend spoken of the ongoing rumors, the reports continue to swirl, as do rumors of their potential engagement.

On Monday, November 7, amid allegations of an engagement ring, X17 Online shared photos of Khloe Kardashian at the airport en route to see her boyfriend in Cleveland and pointed out that her diamond ring was clearly visible on her ring finger.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson were first spotted together in Los Angeles in August. Then, one month later, the couple further sparked rumors of their romance by traveling to Mexico with friends to enjoy the Labor Day holiday. Since then, they’ve been seen vacationing with Khloe Kardashian’s family in Miami and with one another in Cleveland.

“[Khloe Kardashian] has been spending a lot of time in Cleveland with Tristan,” an insider revealed to People Magazine at the end of last month. “She’s very supportive of him, and they are getting serious. They really dig each other a lot, and she’s planning to spend more and more time out there with him.”

Shortly thereafter, a report suggested Khloe Kardashian was pregnant.

“[Khloe Kardashian is so happy. The pregnancy came as a surprise, particularly since Tristan’s ex-girlfriend is currently pregnant, but Khloe got on board with the idea of having a baby pretty quickly,” a source told X17 Online last week.

Next, according to the outlet, Khloe Kardashian was expected to become engaged.

“[Khloe Kardashian] and Kris want everything done correctly,” the source said. “They don’t want this to look like an accident and Khloe really wants to show the world that Tristan is her man. She wants to kind of follow tradition and have Tristan ask her mom for permission to propose, in hopes of making the engagement look more traditional and formal.”

Prior to Khloe Kardashian’s romance with the basketball star, she was married to Lamar Odom. As fans will recall, Khloe Kardashian quickly married Odom after meeting in 2009 but filed for divorce in December of 2013 amid allegations of drug use and affairs. Then, in October of last year, prior their divorce being finalized, Odom suffered a drug overdose, and Khloe Kardashian rushed to his side to support him as he recovered.

Because of Odom’s medical needs, Khloe Kardashian chose to request their petition for divorce be thrown out, which it was.

Although Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom appeared to be headed for a reconciliation earlier this year, rumors regarding Odom’s alleged drug relapse ultimately hit the web and months later, Kardashian filed for divorce yet again.

While Khloe Kardashian may not be pregnant with her first child at the moment, her mother, Kris Jenner, is said to be on board with her potential future family with Tristan Thompson.

“Kris is jonesing for more grandkids and she would like it to currently be from [Khloe Kardashian],” a source told Hollywood Life earlier this month. “Kris likes Tristan and hopes that this is the one that works out and they try to have children soon, even if they have to adopt.”

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[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/NBC/Getty Images]