Van Jones Nearly Cries Over President-Elect Trump ‘White-lash’ As World War 3 Talk Surges [Video]

Van Jones is but one of the names surging on Twitter the morning after the pivotal Election Day. On Wednesday, November 9, Jones could be seen in the below YouTube video, reacting to news that Donald Trump has become President Trump — or, more correctly — President-elect Trump as of this writing.

Van began by congratulating Republicans on Trump’s win. However, Jones soon expressed his sadness and disbelief and shock that Trump was able to pull out a win in the face of such meanness displayed by Trump during his campaign.

Jones noted that while he was classy enough to congratulate and concede the presidential win to Trump, Van was concerned for what parents would have to tell their children about Trump winning as president.

Van noted that parents tell their kids not to bully others and to not be a bigot.

“Then you have this outcome. They’re afraid of breakfast.”

van jones
Ann Coulter and Van Jones [Image by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP Images]

Jones said that his Muslim friends are texting Van and asking Jones if they should leave the country. Van called Trump’s win a rebellion against the elites. Jones noted how folks discussed class issues, politics, and poll numbers. However, Van felt that the elephant of race and racism in the room had gone largely undiscussed.

“We’ve talked about everything but race. This was a white-lash against a changing country and black president in part. That’s the part where the pain comes.”

Van noted that it is Trump’s responsibility to say that he is going to be president of all races and to placate those who feel they aren’t represented well. Jones bemoaned the fact that Trump was throwing away some people to appeal more deeply to others.

“It’s about more than race, but race must be discussed.”

S. E. Cupp and Van Jones [Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]

Meanwhile, along with Jones surging on Twitter, the name President Trump is also a top trending item on Twitter. The social media website summed up Trump’s words about coming together as one body of folks in the U.S.

“Donald Trump: ‘It’s time to come together as a united people.'”

Van has received nearly 300,000 tweets thus far on Wednesday morning, with folks likely sharing Jones’ words, videos, and perhaps sentiments, expressed above.

Also surging on Twitter is the phrase President-elect Trump, which has garnered more than 156,000 tweets.

Billy Bush is also a hot Twitter topic, with folks noting the irony of Bush getting fired from Today for appearing in the leaked Access Hollywood video with Trump, whilst Trump became president.

Pence is also hotly trending on Twitter, with approximately 400,000 tweets for the new Vice President-elect.

John Podesta is receiving plenty of attention for Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman’s comments about several states being too close to call, as seen in the below video.

Meanwhile, First Lady Melania Trump is getting her fair share of tweets, with reactions to Melania and Baron Trump also gaining attention on social media.

Some of those reactions include folks who are noting that Melania will be the first foreign-born First Lady since the 1820s.


Others are posting nude photos of Mrs. Trump on social media, with tongue-in-cheek quips about America staying classy. CNN notes Melania’s choice of attire on Election Day, as seen in the below photo.

Baron Trump got buzz for just how sleepy he appeared during the late-night festivities.

As seen in the below video, Baron seems as though he can barely keep his eyes open.

Finally, talk of World War 3 — as folks on social media tend to write World War III — is surging on social media as well.

As seen in the below tweet, many people are quipping about a new war happening now that Trump is poised to enter the White House.

[Featured Image by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP Images]