Amy Schumer Worried Trump Will Get America Into ‘Trouble We Can’t Get Out Of’: Will She Keep Her Promise To Leave The Country?

Amy Schumer has proved to her doubters that female comedians can be just as successful as their male counterparts at making audiences laugh, but it took almost a decade for Schumer to establish herself as a seasoned comedian.

After working in televised comedy programs like Reality Bites Back, 30 Rock, Delocated, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Girls, Schumer achieved her breakthrough in mainstream cinema when she was offered supporting roles in Price Check and Sleepwalk With Me.

In the past, most of her work in comedy films or shows involved collaboration with other comedians, however, it was Inside Amy Schumer, Amy’s very own show on Comedy Central, that she proved herself to be as good as her male counterparts. Amy Schumer wrote, produced, and acted in Trainwreck, the 2015 comedy film, for which she won the Critic’s Choice Award in the Best Actress category.

Since gaining popularity, Schumer has been actively involved in stand-up comedy stage shows. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the comedian has achieved a significant milestone in her career because she became the first female comedian to make it onto the Forbes list of top comedian earners in the period June 2015 to June 2016.

Amy Schumer’s comedy sketches usually involve parodies based on different aspects of life, like love, marriage, relationships, sex, feminism, and other topics relevant to everyday life. However, lately, the comedian has been airing her political views due to the United States’ presidential election.

As a liberal and a hard-core feminist, Amy Schumer has been very vocal against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In fact, she announced she would leave America if Trump were elected President. Given that Donald Trump was today elected America’s next president, it remains to be seen whether Schumer will live up to her word and leave the country.

Recently, a number of women accused Trump of sexually assaulting them, so it was natural that the comedian would attack Trump during her recent show in Florida. While performing on stage, Amy spoke of her affiliation with Hillary Clinton and criticized Trump by calling him a monster.

A section of the audience comprising Trump-supporters started booing when the comedian started speaking about stricter gun control and the sexual allegations against Trump. Schumer seemed perturbed by the booing and retaliated by asking the protestors to leave the show. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Schumer criticized the demonstrators for supporting Trump.

“I know you’re here to laugh, but you know what, you choose your life, you choose the way you want to go in your life, and it’s just too important.”

However, around 200 people were upset with the comedian’s long tirade and walked out. Schumer carried on with her anti-Trump bantering, even dragging a protester on stage and making him explain his reasons for being a Trump supporter. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Amy Schumer specifically attacked Trump for his sexually impulsive behavior.

“Do you get worried at all with how impulsive he is? Do you worry he’ll be impulsive and get us in a lot of f***ing trouble we can’t get out of?”

Amy Schumer’s recently released book reveals that the comedian had been sexually assaulted as a teenager and was also physically abused by an ex-boyfriend. It was clear that the Florida show gave her the platform she needed to vent her hatred for Trump. According to Entertainment Weekly, Amy Schumer remained unfazed by the walkout and thanked the audience who continued to listen to her.

“I loved the crowd and my show in Tampa last night! I want to thank the 8,400 people who stayed. We have always depended on comedians to make us laugh and tell the truth. I am proud to continue that tradition.”

[Featured Image by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]