Roswell UFO Evidence At Last? Mysterious Metal Fragment Found Near Crash Site Could Prove Alleged 1947 Craft Was Of Extraterrestrial Origin

Ben Mezrich, author of the best-selling book The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway, claims that a mysterious piece of triangular metal was found at a spot near the famous 1947 Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash site. The mysterious piece of metal, according to UFO researchers, could be from the debris of the extraterrestrial craft that allegedly crashed at the site close to a ranch outside Roswell.

Mezrich reveals in his new book The 37th Parallel, that the mysterious metal fragment has been sent to a laboratory for tests to determine its nature and to confirm whether it came from an extraterrestrial craft that allegedly crashed in Roswell, according to Express.

Mezrich’s book tells the story of Chuck Zukowski, a UFO researcher, whose investigations into UFO and related phenomena in the U.S. led to the identification of “the 37th Parallel,” also known as the “UFO highway,” or “Paranormal highway.”

The 37th Parallel is a reference to the 3,000-mile-stretch spanning the heart of the U.S. along the 37 Degree Latitude on the southern borders of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Kansas.

The 3,000-mile-stretch coincides with the area of the highest incidence of UFO sightings in the country and other incidents involving mutilated livestock believed to be linked with UFO phenomenon.

UFO enthusiasts believe it is also not a coincidence that several major U.S. military bases are located along the 37th Parallel.

Zukowski, a UFOlogist, former microchip engineer and former Sheriff’s deputy, stumbled upon the mysterious triangular metal fragment at a spot near the original Roswell UFO crash site while exploring the area in 2002.

He sent part of the metal for testing at the Bigelow Aerospace Laboratory recently, and he is currently awaiting results of the tests to determine the nature and origin of the metal.

Mezrich claims that before researching Zukowski’s work for his book he was a UFO skeptic. But after seeing the evidence that Zukowski had amassed, he became convinced “that something happened at Roswell.”

“I’m from a family of scientists and a skeptics,” he said. “I assumed most of the UFO community was crazy.”

The UFO crash site near Roswell in New Mexico is the most famous UFO site in the world. It is also located on the 37th Parallel. The site gained global attention after the military authorities announced on July 8, 1947, that they had recovered the wreckage of a crashed “flying disk” from the site.

But later on the same day the military authorities retracted the statement and claimed it was a weather balloon that was recovered from the site and not a “flying disk,” presumed to be an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

But years later, in 1978, the physicist and famous UFO researcher Stanton T. Friedman, met Major Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer who had been sent by the authorities to recover and transport the crashed object from Roswell to Fort Worth.

Roswell aliens
The military authorities also recovered alien survivors from the Roswell crash site, according to UFO researchers [Image by CrackerLips Stock Media/Shutterstock]

Marcel told Stanton that the military authorities had engaged in massive cover-up of the truth about what happened at Roswell on July 8, 1947. According to the former intelligence officer, the crashed object was an alien craft but the authorities claimed falsely that they recovered only the debris of a crashed weather balloon.

Following the disclosures by Marcel, other witnesses came forward in the 1980s, including the former mortician Glenn Dennis, who added new complicating details. He claimed bizarrely that the military authorities also recovered dead alien bodies from the crash site and conducted autopsies on the dead bodies at the top-secret Area 51 USAF base in Nevada.

Other witnesses claimed that alien survivors were also rescued from the crash.

Alien corpse at Area 51
An alleged witness claimed that autopsies were performed on alien bodies at Area 51 [Image by CrackerLips Studio Media/Shutterstock]

UFO researchers believe that the remains of the alleged crashed UFO were moved secretly to Area 51 facility in the Nevada Desert. Some claim that part of the debris was moved to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

This is not the first time that someone has claimed the discovery of a mysterious piece of metal that may have come from the alien UFO that allegedly crashed at Roswell in 1947.

Open Minds TV reported in 2011 that Frank Kimbler, a geology teacher at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, claimed to have found a strange artifact, about 10 mm long, at a spot near the location of the crash site in Roswell.

The strange object was allegedly made from a mysterious silvery metal that looked like aluminum.

According to Kimbler, he found the strange artifact in 2010 while searching the area around the crash site using a sensitive metal detector. He began searching on the site with a metal detector after studying satellite imagery of the site.

Open Minds TV reported at the time that Kimbler’s discovery “could be the first scientific evidence of manufactured debris made on another planet.”

[Featured Image by CrackerClips Studio Media/Shutterstock]