‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3: Why You Won’t See Much Gus Fring In ‘Breaking Bad’ Crossover

Many Breaking Bad fans are eager for some more character crossovers in Better Call Saul Season 3 and the showrunners have promised fans more interactions between the two series. The last season ended with Jimmy in a bad position.

Slippin’ Jimmy has been outsmarted by his brother Chuck who recorded him admitting to forging the Mesa Verde documents to help Kim secure the client. Many fans suspect that Chuck’s next move will turn Jimmy into Saul, who will work more closely with Mike and Gus Fring.

While fans are wondering whether Jimmy McGill will finally transform into Saul Goodman, Gus Fring has been teased as the next crossover from Breaking Bad into the series. It has been confirmed that the first letter of each episode of Better Call Saul Season 2 is a teaser for his return when fans determined that it spells: “Fring’s Back.”

It is all but confirmed that Gus is the person that left the note on Mike’s car that says: “don’t.” In Better call Saul Season 2, Mike tried to assassinate Hector Salamanca but was distracted by his car alarm going off.

According to Entertainment Weekly, fans will not see much of Gus Fring because the drug lord likes to work behind the scenes. If you recall in Breaking Bad, Gus Fring was notoriously private and even worked as a manager in one of his front businesses – a fast food restaurant.

Peter Gould told EW the following about Gus appearing in Better Call Saul Season 3: “Having said that, I would be very sad if people were expecting to see that character right away on season 3. Right now, this is a guy — I’m talking about Gus Fring — who often works very indirectly. This is not somebody who is not easy to access.”

Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White, has confirmed that he will appear on Better Call Saul if Vince Gilligan asked him to during an interview. However, Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman is more likely to appear because he got into the meth business before Walter White, which creates an opening for Better Call Saul to introduce the character as Jimmy turns into Saul.

When Jesse was introduced in Breaking Bad, he was a meth dealer known as “Cap’n Cook” so who was Jesse’s supplier? Could the person be connected to Better Call Saul?

According to CinemaBlend, Aaron Paul is open to the idea and he assured fans that if Jesse Pinkman is going to make a crossover appearance, it will have to make sense:

“Hopefully I will be involved. But I don’t know when that may be. I’m not going to say anything more. But I’m absolutely open to the idea. Hopefully, it happens. I’m all about it. If I were to be involved, I can promise that it would be done in the most beautiful way, because there’s no way they’re going to bring Jesse Pinkman back just to bring him back. They’re going to bring him back and the audience is going to be very excited not just to see him, but to see how it all unfolded.”

Many fans expect Jimmy McGill to transform to the namesake of the show in its third season. Kim Wexler and Chuck are likely to be the most influential people in Jimmy’s decision making. We also know that he will eventually be heavily involved with Mike through the drug business.

Mike is also expected to have a meetup wit Gus Fring in Better Call Saul Season 3. Therefore, we will see the infancy of a drug partnership that implodes in Breaking Bad.

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