Community Back October 19: NBC Puts Teaser Online About Show's Now Uncertain Return

Nathan Francis

Community still doesn't have a return date from NBC, but at least fans have a new video of the study group not-so-subtly mocking NBC for its failure to get the popular show back on the air this season.

Fans of the NBC show anxious to see the return of Jeff Winger and the study group will have to wait for October 19, but as the characters describe in a video posted online, that's not a real date but instead a state of mind.

NBC on its YouTube page put out a clip for fans hoping for a taste of the show's unique brand of meta-humor that has been described as post-modern comedy. Not surprisingly, the clip follows true to form, a self-referential jab at NBC for jerking the show, and its fans, around.

As the Los Angeles Times noted, NBC had originally slated the show to return on October 19, but that date came and went without Community on the air. Instead NBC brought back Whitney to replace the already canceled Animal Hospital.

The Community video posted online took a jab at NBC for this move, showing the study group watching a live episode of Troy and Abed in the Morning and listening as the two describe when their faux show will return.

They tell the group that their higher-ups said the show will return October 19 --- the date NBC had originally said the real Community would be back --- but they add that October 19 isn't a date, but a state of mind.

"While we may not know when we'll air on the calender, when we do rest assured it'll be October 19," Abed says.

Then Community again takes a dig at NBC.

"So remember, while this move seems illogical, just trust us that the minds behind this shift know exactly what they're doing," Abed says as the shot cuts away to Dean Pelton running to the doorway.

"Guys, Annie's Boobs wanted their own show, and I said yes!" Dean Pelton says.

For those who don't know, Annie's Boobs is the name of a monkey on Community, the same monkey that appeared in the failed sitcom Animal Hospital.

There is still no word on when Community will actually return.